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Funny Mace Jokes and Puns

How did Mace die?

He fell out the Windu.

Why do black people cry during sex?

Because of the mace.

I thought I had an std because my eyes started burning every time I had sex.

Then I realized it was just the mace.

Mace joke, I thought I had an std because my eyes started burning every time I had sex.

Why do most black men's eyes appear bloodshot after sex?


Why do black guys always have red eyes after sex?


Today I went to the protest

The protesters aren't going to mace themselves

The other night I went out on a blind date

Well it didn't start out that way, she had mace.

Mace joke, The other night I went out on a blind date

What's the first thing a trucker does after getting laid?

Cleans the mace from his eyes.

Why is mace an assault

When it's really a pepper

I understand now why I cry after sex

It's the Mace.

A knight walks into a bar

The barman says "Why the long mace?"

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Whenever I have sex, my eyes water and I find it hard to breathe...

The doctor says its the mace.

My eyes burn when I have sex.

Probably just the mace.

Went to the doctor

I told him everytime I have sex I cry.

He explained it's from the mace.

What do you call an Indian Jedi?

Mace Hindu.

What do Jedi masters drink?

Mace windu will have a whiskey,
Yoda prefers a neat vodka,
And qui-gon, gin.

Mace joke, What do Jedi masters drink?

When Mace Windu fell...

The death of Mace Windu in Revenge of the Sith

Homer Simpsons in Star wars

They should had casted Homer Simpsons for a roll in Star Wars.

He could had been Mace Wind'oh

Why do men cry during sex?


Why did the stoner warrior fight with a mace?

...Because it's a blunt weapon.

Star Wars should cast an Indian actor

to play Mace Hindu.

Why are Macedonians so good at CoD?

Because they know Skopje.

Why do Mike Tyson's eyes water during sex?


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