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Funny Macbook Jokes and Puns

What does the MacBook have in common with Donald Trump?

I would tell you....

But I don't compare apples to oranges.

I spilled coffee all over my Macbook... it won't go to sleep.

I really hate people who brag about their expensive stuff

Sent from my iPhone 7 Plus

EDIT : had to manage as my MacBook Pro ran out of battery

Macbook joke, I really hate people who brag about their expensive stuff

Why did the pirate update his Macbook?

His matey told him he needed an iPatch

Using a macbook is like making love to a woman

There are so many things to do with your fingers, but none of them work.

TIL if you buy the new MacBook Pro

There is no escape.

I went into the Apple store to get a new MacBook for my wife.

Bastards wouldn't do the deal, and said they prefered cash.

Macbook joke, I went into the Apple store to get a new MacBook for my wife.

So my classmate asked why I have two laptops...

I replied: "One is for work, the other is a macbook"

What laptop does an astronaut use?

Macbook. 'Cos you can't open windows in space. Ciao Bella ciao

Why is buying a macbook like using a high end prostitute?

Because you spend more but, at least you don't get a virus

An old lady walks into an Apple store with a dripping wet MacBook in hand.

She finds an employee and tells him that her MacBook wouldn't turn on after she cleaned it. The employee looks at the MacBook and sees that it's soaking wet.

Ma'am did you wash it with water? He asks.

Yes but I don't think that's what killed it. Replied the old lady.

Than what killed it? Asked the employee very confused.

The Spin Cycle.

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Makes sense Apple fans would buy a MacBook candle...

...They're already used to the smell of burning synthetic materials and watching their money go up in flames.

Why did the macbook heat up?

Because it doesn't have windows.

Why won't Apple's new MacBook sell well?

... because it has NO FANS!!!
(get it? no fans? ... thank you!! don't forget to tip your server.)

Here's a nerdy joke:

If you use 8 bits from a Macbook, are you taking a bite from an Apple?


How can you tell if a DJ is a serious DJ?

They have 2 MacBooks.

Macbook joke, How can you tell if a DJ is a serious DJ?

What do you call it when a Disco DJ's Macbook crashes mid-set?

Kernel panic at the disco.

I don't usually open Siri

But when I do it's because I fat-fingered the delete key on my Macbook.

I bought a Macbook yesterday

It was the most expensive item on the Happy Meal menu

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