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Funny Luxurious Jokes and Puns

A snail walks into a car dealership...

A snail walks into a car dealership. The snail wants something fast, elegant, and luxurious, after browsing multiple brands he decides on one.

The rich snail pays in cash and walks up to the dealerships salesman and says "I want you to paint big S's all along this car, big S's on the front, the sides, the back, the top, big S's everywhere. The auto body guy tells him he can do it, but can't help but ask the snail why he wants big S's all over the car.

So the snail answers him "It's simple: When I launch past people on the highway they will say Look at that S car go!

My girlfriend and I could never agree on holidays...

I wanted to fly to exotic places and stay in luxurious five-star hotels. And she wanted to come with me.

So, a Frenchman, an American and a Russian are at a car show.

Frenchman looks at the show car and says "we French also have good cars. At home we drive Citroen, but when we go abroad we drive the luxurious Renault".

The American agrees, and says "we also drive Ford pickups at home, but abroad we drive Cadillacs to impress".

The Russian thinks for a bit and says: "_da_, in Russia we drive Lada. In other countries, we drive T-72."

Luxurious joke, So, a Frenchman, an American and a Russian are at a car show.

The prince didn't mind living in his father's luxurious house

but some days it was hard living in the chateau of his father

I have a lot of big dreams for my future, in 10 years I hope to see myself

in a larger, more luxurious mirror.

A man finds a luxurious fur glove

Trying to reach its owner, he posts an advertisement.

Attention! If you have lost a fur glove...

can you please give me the other one too?

I have a lot of goals, ten years from now I hope to see myself...

In a nicer, more luxurious mirror

Luxurious joke, I have a lot of goals, ten years from now I hope to see myself...

I was going to go treat myelf to a nice, luxurious dinner.

Then, I realized that I didn't have an elf and eating food was the most exciting activity in my life.

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