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What are some Luther jokes?

In America Martin Luther King only gets one day....

And sharks get a whole week.

It's probably because they are great whites.

Why was Martin Luther King so bad at doing laundry?

Because he wouldn't separate the whites from the blacks.

What's the difference between Saint Patrick's Day and Martin Luther King Day?

Everyone wants to be Irish on Saint Patrick's Day.

What would Martin Luther King Jr. have been if he was white?


St. Patrick's day vs Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

What's the difference between St. Patrick's day and Martin Luther King day?

St. Patrick's day everybody wants to be Irish.

My black friend told me I can't celebrate Martin Luther King Day because I am white

If that's true, then he can't celebrate Father's Day.

"The other day I came across an old worn out Bible, printed by Guten-something"

"Not Gutenberg?!"

"Yeah, that was it"

"You idiot, one of those sold at auction recently for over a Million dollars!!"

"Oh, I don't think it would be worth anything that much. Some clown by the name of Martin Luther scribbled all over it"

What do bras have in common with Martin Luther King??

Both focus on uplifting the downtrodden masses!!

Best Buy's Martin Luther King Day sale leaked

50% off all black speakers

Why is Martin Luther King so bad at laundry?

He won't separate the whites from the colours…

I'm so jealous of Martin Luther King Jr.

Nobody ever wants to hear stories about my weird dreams

Why would people always stand still to hide from Martin Luther King Jr.?

His vision was based on movements.

TIL that Martin Luther King Jr got a C in public speaking

Look where it got him.


Why did Martin Luther King Jr. boycott laundry detergent?

Because it told him to keep his whites and colours separate.

What did Martin Luther King say to his wife while proposing?

Will you be my Martin Luther Queen?

It's a real shame that, in this day and age, Barrack Obama had to give his speech about Martin Luther King Jr., while standing behind bullet proof glass...

Just because he's black doesn't mean he's going to shoot somebody...

What is Martin Luther King's least favorite Christmas song?

I'm dreamin' of a white Christmas

Why couldn't the Lutheran math student steal the answers from his classmate?

According to 7th commandment, it was considered an ✓((1/2 i e^(-i x) - 1/2 i e^(i x))^2 )...

Martin Luther was amazing at writing essays

He was known to NAIL them.

A city bus cleaner is hanging ads promoting Martin Luther King Jr Day...

His co-worker shouts "Hey, those belong at the back of the bus!"

Why did Martin Luther King have so many pink shirts?

He was against separating the whites from the coloreds.

What fish did Martin Luther King have?

He had a bream.

What's the difference between Martin Luther King and Donald Trump?

Martin Luther King had a dream and Donald Trump is a nightmare.

Thank you Martin Luther king jr.

As custodians we owe that guy a lot, if it wasn't for him we'd have to clean two drinking fountains.

My employee asked me to take the day off for Martin Luther King Jr Day

I told him it wouldn't be a problem, he would just have to make the work up on Father's day

What do you call an alien civil rights activist?

Martian Luther King jr.

How many Lutherans does it take to change a lightbulb?

Change? Why do we need change?

(It's cool, I go to a Lutheran church)

Burger Luther King, Jr

Martin Luther King Day White's Sale.

Martin Luther King, Jr.'s speech praising non-violence in India surprised everyone

when they pelted him with several thousand flatbreads.

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