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The Best Lunch Box Puns

Pakistani math problem.

Ahmed has 3 lunch boxes.
He gives one to Mohammed and another to Hassan. Calculate the radius of the explosion.

Best part of banging a milf

What's the best part of having sex with a milf?

Leaving with a juice box and bagged lunch in the morning!

My daughter packed a light bulb in her lunch box this morning.

I asked her, "why did you put that in there?"

She replied, "I want a light snack."

I just found a fruit roll-up in my pocket

That means one of my kids has a grape flavored blunt rap in their lunch box.

Waiting in line

A woman is checking out at the grocery store. She buys a dozen eggs, two boxes of pasta, waffles, a bag of onions, lunch meat, oatmeal, sparkling water and throws on a pack of gum at the register.

The man behind her says "you must be single"

"Why yes I am! Did you figure this out by noticing all the stuff I bought?"

"Nope, it's because you are ugly!"

Jihadi math university question: Ahmed has 3 lunch boxes. He gives one to Mohammed and another to Hassan.

Calculate the area it will cover after the explosion.

Pakistani Maths Problems are like really really complex

Abdul has 3 lunch boxes.

He gives one to Rafiq and another to Hassan.

Calculate the radius of the explosion.

A young man starts a new job at a construction site

During his lunch break, he asks an older man what he's carrying in his lunch box.

"It's a thermos, it keeps cold things cold and hot things hot."

"Oh wow, I have to get me one of those!" Said the young man

The next day, the older man sees the younger man carrying a thermos.

"I see you got a thermos. What do you got in it?" He asks.

The young man replies, "Ice tea and hot bean soup!"

School is like a dystopia

You aren't allowed to think outside the box, you don't have the freedom of speech, and you can't gamble or have strippers come to your lunch room.

Yo' Mama is so fat, she uses the refrigerator for her lunch box.

I decided to grab a burger at a drive-thru.

There were no cars in sight, so I rolled up to the pay window.
"We're still serving breakfast. And you have to order at the speaker," the clerk scolded.
I drove all the way around the building to the squawk box and ordered a breakfast sandwich.
"I'm sorry," she said, "we are now serving lunch."

That's my lunch box

Laboni is looking at almost all the designs of the shop while choosing shoes. The shoe showroom was completely destroyed. But I didn't like either one. At this time he noticed a different box -
Laboni: Show me that box , please. I will see the design inside it.
Shopkeeper: Please don't want to see that anymore!
Laboni: How is that? The customer wants to see.
Shopkeeper: Apa, that's my lunch box!

Q: Why do blondes have see-through lunch box tops?
A: So they can tell if they are going to work or going home, while on the bus.

Where did the little boy go when his lunch box exploded?


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