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Funny Lumberjacks Jokes and Puns

What do you call three Irish lumberjacks?

Tree fellers

How do lumberjacks know how many trees they have cut down?

They keep a log!

What mathematical operation is used to calculate the rate at which lumberjacks cut wood?


Lumberjacks joke, What mathematical operation is used to calculate the rate at which lumberjacks cut wood?

How do lumberjacks know how many trees they've cut?

They keep a log of each one.

What do lumberjacks do when they're about to finish work?

Log off.

What's a lumberjacks favorite filmmaker?


What do you call a dating service for lumberjacks?


Lumberjacks joke, What do you call a dating service for lumberjacks?

Lumberjacks are bad at fixing computers

They only know how to log out.

What do Chinese lumberjacks do?


What's a lumberjacks favorite dating app?


Why don't lumberjacks work naked?

They might cut the wrong wood

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What do Black lumberjacks use to cut trees?

An *ask*

There are 2 lumberjacks.

One hits the tree with an axe, and the other uses a saw to finish the job.

The one with the axe took down a tree by himself and said, "Could you see yourself cutting down a tree like that?"

The other man said, "No, I saw."

How do lumberjacks talk?

With a thick axe-cent.

Where do lumberjacks go for casual sex?


Lumberjacks are good at maths because of their log rhythms

Thanks, HL Math.

Lumberjacks joke, Lumberjacks are good at maths because of their log rhythms

What is the first thing lumberjacks do when they start work?


100 Lumberjacks walk into a Pirate bar...

The Pirate bartender looks at them and says; **Well shiver me timbers!!**

Would you guys buy Apple's new product for lumberjacks?


Why are lumberjacks good musicians?

They have natural logger-rhythms.

The salary for lumberjacks is way too low

It's un-axe-eptable

Why are lumberjacks bad at online video games?

Because their connections are so weak they are always logging out.

What kind of beer do lumberjacks drink?


Two Lumberjacks were killed during a recent hurricane. The next day's headline read: "Nature Shows Idiomatic Side; Kills Two Beards with One Storm".

What's a lumberjacks favourite meal?

Plaid Thai

2 Lumberjacks

2 lumberjacks chop down a tree, but don't know what to do with the wood. One of them suggests they make carpentry, and the other says, "that woodwork."

What did the log say to the christmas tree?

**Yule** end up like me if you don't stay away from lumberjacks.

Why do lumberjacks never take the plane with their brothers?

The Brother is a hijack

Why are lumberjacks such great singers?

Their voice has an incredible timber.

In Canada we get those hipsters thinking they're lumberjacks

Chopping down trees yelling TIMBLR!!

What dating website do lumberjacks use?


Which composer do lumberjacks prefer to listen to?


What's a lumberjacks favorite animal?


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