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It's ironic the character's name is Luke Skywalker...

He never walks on any skies, but he does spend the majority of the series "hand solo."

Chris: this water isn't warm, or cold

Luke: what should we call it?

Chris: how about Chriswarm

Luke: I have a better idea

How does Luke Skywalker get through the forest?


Luke joke, How does Luke Skywalker get through the forest?

When Luke(Skywalker) fell in love with (Princess) Leia, you could say...

he was looking for love in Alderaan places!

Why did Luke Skywalker like his sister?

He was looking for love in Alderann places.

Why was Luke Skywalker convicted of rape ?

He used the force .

My girlfriend and I finally decided to try out role-play in the bedroom. I dressed up like Luke Skywalker

And she pretended to be a dead fish.

Luke joke, My girlfriend and I finally decided to try out role-play in the bedroom. I dressed up like Luke Skyw

Darth Vader: Luke, I know what you're getting for Christmas.

Luke: How?
Darth Vader: I felt your presents.

Why was Luke Skywalker banned from all the local pubs...

He used excessive force

What's the internal temperature of a tauntaun?

Luke Warm.

May the 4th Be With You!

"Update the force, Luke"

Adobe Wan Kenobi

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I was watching my friend Luke trying to eat with chopsticks

After watching struggle for a while, I told him

Use the fork, Luke.

What's Darth Vader's least favorite temperature?

Luke warm.

^^im ^^sorry

I guess you could say Luke Skywalker single-handedly defeated the empire.

I told this joke to someone in a dream, and when I woke up I realized it was actually funny.

Luke Skywalker and Yoda are on a ride when...

**Luke**: *Are we on the right course, Master Yoda?*.

**Yoda**: *Off course we are*.

Luke Skywalker and Yoda are hopelessly lost on their journey...

Luke: Yoda, we've been walking for hours! Are you sure that we're going the right way?

Yoda: For the tenth time, told you, I have! Off course, we are!

Luke joke, Luke Skywalker and Yoda are hopelessly lost on their journey...

Luke and Obi-Wan walk into a Chinese restaurant.

Luke and Obi-Wan walk into a Chinese restaurant. Ten minutes into the meal, Luke's still having trouble with the chopsticks, dropping food everywhere. Obi-Wan finally snaps, Use the forks, Luke.

Why did Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia never get together?

Because Luke was looking for love in Alderaan places!!

After Luke Skywalker found out Princess Leia was his sister...

He became best friends with hand solo.

My friend Luke can't use chopsticks

Every time I see him try, I tell him

"Use the fork, Luke."

Who says Jesus couldn't perform miracles?

He managed to find mates named Matthew, Mark, Luke and John hanging around in the Middle East.

What did Luke say at Han and Leia's wedding?

May divorce be with you

Why is Darth Vader's helmet so phallic?

...because when they hid Luke & Leia from him, they removed his force kin.

What's the difference between Luke Skywalker and a black man?

Luke Skywalker eventually finds out who his father is.

How come does Luke Skywalker does not have a girlfriend?

He was looking for love in Alderaan places

Netflix's new show is Marvel's Luke Cage, whose "Superpower is unbreakable skin.

Bullet proof skin on a black man isn't a super power its straight up evolution!

-Danish Anwar

my favorite star wars character is luke skywalker

hand down

I recently found an audio bible narrated by James Earl Jones

Overall it was good, though the book of Luke seemed a bit forced

Luke chided Han for blaming Chewbacca when everyone got caught in the tree net on the forest moon of Endor.

But let's be honest: it *was* a Wookie mistake.

Yoda and Luke Skywalker are together in a ship when Luke asks...

Luke: are we on track?

Yoda: off course, we are.

A wife texts her husband on a cold winters morning...

Windows frozen ……

Husband texts back, Pour some luke warm water over it"……

Wife replies, Computer completely stuffed now

What did Obe Wan say to Skywalker when he was teaching him table manners?

Use the forks Luke.

[Starwars] How can you tell Luke is Uncircumcised?

Because he has Force Kin.

What did Yoda say to Luke when he was constipated?

Try or try not, there is no do.

Luke cage

In marvels luke cage everyone thinks that luke has super powers because he's bullet proof.

But bullet proof black people isn't a super power it's straight up evolution.

What did Luke, the warm beverage, do in the fridge?

He chilled

"Remember, Luke, a Jedi always has doubts about something. Only a Sith can be 100% sure about everything."

"Dad, are you sure?"


Whats the internal temperature of a taun taun?

Luke warm

I recently asked a Priest about the passages of Mark 13 and Luke 12 ...

but he insisted that had not seen either of those boys in ages.

Jesus thought he was cool when he walked on water until...

He met Luke, a Skywalker.

TIL France got a different version of The Force Awakens than the rest of the world.

While the international version ends with Rey and Luke, the French version ends with fin.

What does Anakin do when Luke doesn't eat his vegetables?

He force-feeds him

What do you call Luke Skywalkers taxes?

The Return of the Jedi

What did the skywalkers lose

Anakin lost Hands
Luke lost Hand
Leia lost Han

When the Empire Strikes Back was being filmed, they considered getting rid of James Earl Jones and bringing in Hulk Hogan instead to be Darth Vader.

But they quickly decided not to when they realized the line "No Luke, I am your father, brother!" Was way too confusing.

Luke wanted to find love

But he looked in Alderaan places.

One day Darth Vadar said to Luke Skywalker

I know what you got for your birthday.
Luke looked at him and said "how do you know that?"
Darth Vadar replied "I can feel your presents".

My son Luke loves how I named all our children after Star Wars characters...

My daughter Chewbacca, not so much.

Luke Skywalker goes to eat at an Italian restaurant, finishes dinner then orders desert.

Only one canoli.

One day, Obi-Wan and Luke visit a Chinese restaurant...

Obi-Wan is eating normally, but Luke is having so much trouble with the chopsticks he's spilling the food all over the table.

Eventually, Obi-Wan becomes angry and says, "Use the forks, Luke!"

An old Jedi master named Ben stole Luke Skywalker's last pastry.

Angrily, Luke shouted after him as he ran away, Hey, you Owe Me One Canoli!

What did Darth Vader tell Luke?

Luke, I am your [Unlock Content for 20000 Credits].

How does Luke Skywalker get around Endor?

'E walks!

What do you call a Jedi from Korea?

Luke Skywalker, the Choson One.

What did Luke say when he fell down in front of Vader?

Can you give me a hand?!

What did Obi-Wan say to Luke at dinner?

Use the forks, Luke.

I was watching Star Wars with my son and he asked me why Luke had climbed into a Tauntaun. I replied, because it was warm.

He turned to me and asked, how warm?
I looked at him excitedly and said, Luke warm.

I like to tease my friend Luke

One time I gave him 2 forks when he asked for a spoon to have his cereal with. He said "Can I have a spoon?" I said "Luke, use the forks".

How do you know that the original Star Wars movie was uncut?

Because Luke and Leia are Force Kin.

What did the stormtrooper say to Luke Skywalker when he saw him?

I've missed you so much!

Make sure to check your Tauntaun for a fever in this heat wave.

They should always be Luke warm.

Was watching Star Wars with my daughter. She asked why Luke was climbing inside a Tauntaun, I said to keep warm.

She asked how warm is it inside. I replied Lukewarm.

Why did Luke Skywalker never marry?

Because he was busy riding Solo

How did Luke make it across Endor after he crashed his speeder bike?


Do you know what the internal temperature of a tauntaun is?

Luke warm

Seemed appropriate with all the Hoth stuff floating around.

It was so cold last night that I had to cut open my tauntaun to sleep.

Unfortunately that only got me luke warm.

Why didn't Luke Skywalker's marriages ever last?

He wanted to follow Obi-Wan's advice: "Use divorce, Luke"

What did Obi-Wan Kenobi say at a restaurant?

Use the fork, Luke

Luke and Obi-Wan walk into a Chinese restaurant

Ten minutes into the meal, Luke's still having trouble with the chopsticks, dropping food everywhere. Obi-Wan finally snaps, *Use the forks, Luke.*

What is the internal body temperature of a Tauntaun?

Luke warm

Why did Luke circumcise his kids?

Because they were his force kin.

This joke is translated from georgian.

A teacher is having a lesson about good deeds.
She teaches the kids to help people cross the road and such.

The next day a group of kids go over to the teacher and one of them says:

Hey teacher, Me, Zach, Andy, George, Tom, John and Luke helped a lady to cross the street.

The teacher asked:

Why so many of you?

The kids answer:

She wasnt crossing.

My friend decided to get a face tattoo of her favourite Star Wars character.

You should have seen the Luke on her face.

Where did Luke Skywalker go shopping between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi?

Second Hand Store

Yoda: Dark it is, the other side

Luke: Shut up and eat your toast.

Why was Luke Skywalker called the last Jedi ?

Because he was the Obi Wan left

My pastor asked me to name the four Gospels, but I could only remember Matthew, Luke, and John.

I missed the Mark.

Darth Vader always knew what Luke and Leia got him for Christmas, stating:

I've felt your presents

What did Darth Vader say under the tree?

Luke... I feel your presents...

My sister just told this to me, and I genuinely laughed at it so I thought it belonged here!

What did Obi-wan say to Luke when he saw him struggling with the chopsticks?

Use the fork, Luke.

My son Luke loves the fact he's named after a Star Wars character

My daughter Chewbacca, not so much

For my cake day this year I want to share the love I have of Star Wars and dad jokes so here is one of my favorites: Where did Luke get this cybernetic hand from?

The second hand store.

How did Darth Vader know what Luke bought him for Christmas?

He felt his ...presence

Why was Luke under the Christmas tree?

He wanted to feel Obi Wan's presents.

Luke Skywalker and Obi Wan are out at a Chinese restaurant and Luke is really battling trying to use the chopsticks to feed his face. ​

After a while Obi Wan turns to him and says "use the forks luke".

I've been watching the Star Wars movies, and I realized something

It's not that big of a shock that Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's father.

I mean, they have the same no's.

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