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Funny Lubricant Jokes and Puns

I don't know why they call it lubricant...

More like lubri*can*

Did you hear about the couple who accidentally confused window putty with personal lubricant?

All their windows fell out.

The happiest person I know is a lubricant salesperson...

I guess you could say they don't have a lot of friction in their life.

Lubricant joke, The happiest person I know is a lubricant salesperson...

I got arrested today

I got arrest today, apparently you aren't allowed to do doughnuts within 200ft of a school zone... the frosting worked as great lubricant though

Use the force luke

I've run out of lubricant

Dear life...

... atleast use lubricant.

It's a good thing alcohol is the greatest social lubricant

Because I'm about to buttfuck this conversation.

Lubricant joke, It's a good thing alcohol is the greatest social lubricant

Where can you find lubricant in the library?

In the non-friction section.

A woman gives birth to triplets

She and her husband are trying to figure out why so many.

"It was probably that time we ran out of lubricant and we used 3-in-one oil instead." says the wife. "Good thing we didn't use WD-40."

Sex therapists have invented a new long lasting, alcohol based, vaginal gel and lubricant.

Campaigners have slammed the move saying it could lead to 24 hour minge drinking.

I'm trying to get my wife to quit smoking.

Maybe I should slow down and use a lubricant.

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A woman accidently used glue for lubricant...

After she told her best friend about the mix up, the friend said: "This story stays between us, the less people that know about this the better."

The woman nodded in agreement... "Yeah that's right, my lips are sealed."

I've just been reading a book all about lubricant...

It's a fantastic piece of non-friction.

If your girlfriend starts smoking..

Use some lubricant.

What do you do when your gf starts smoking?

Get a better lubricant.

social lube

Do you know what makes a great non-alcoholic social lubricant?
Extroversion olive oil.

Lubricant joke, social lube

If your girlfriend is smoking..

Use lubricant.

Use the Force, Luke.

I'm running out of lubricant.

The people on early Mediterranean cities used to enjoy using olive oil as "personal lubricant."

They really loved ancient grease.

What do you do when your girlfriend starts smoking?

Use lubricant

What should you do if your sister starts smoking?

Slow down & apply some lubricant

After sex, my girlfriend started smoking.

I should have probably used lubricant.

I have just finished the entire history of lubricant

It's the best non friction book I've ever read.

What do you do if your girlfriend starts smoking?

Slow down and possibly use a lubricant.

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