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  1. What do you call it when a trickster god is singing just a little flat, but nobody really notices? Low-key low key Loki.
  2. How does the Norse God of mischief like to celebrate his birthday? He likes to keep it low-key
  3. Thor likes to bust in and beat up the bad guys... His brother prefers to keep things low-key
  4. Why were Loki's powers centered around creating illusions? It allows him to be low-key with his mischiefs.
  5. I'm the Norse god of mischief but I don't like to talk about it. I guess you could say I'm low-key.
  6. What was the equivalent of words like lit in the 80s and 90s ... I lowkey can't stand them
  7. Why did Thor's brother always sing with a deep voice? Because he was Low-Key.
  8. What kind of person are you if you open the door from the bottom of the door? A low-key person
  9. Thor is my brother... lowkey
  10. How did the amateur bass player introduce himself? Hey guys, so I play the guitar, lowkey
Lowkey joke, How did the amateur bass player introduce himself?

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Lowkey One Liners

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  1. Why do spies never use capitalization? They like to stay low-key.
  2. Why did no one notice Thor's brother? Because he was low-key
  3. Did Thor ever mention he had a brother? He was very low-key about it.
  4. Why do introverts identify so much with Thor's brother? Because he's low-key.
  5. Have you heard of the piano-playing spy? Neither have I. He's very low-key.
  6. What do you call a subtle Norse god? Low-key
  7. Who is the Norse god of being quiet and unassuming? Low-key.
  8. Why is Thor's brother not as famous? Because he's rather low-key!
  9. Why do you never see Thor with his brother at parties? Cuz that guy is pretty Low-key
  10. What instrument to introverts like the most? Double basses, because they're very low-key.
  11. You don't hear much about Thor's brother... ...he's pretty low-key
  12. Why didn't anybody notice the bass clef? Because it was low-key.
  13. I discreetly called the Chinese restaurant. I ordered some Lowkey Mein
  14. What does a logical person wear to a low-key meeting? Business causal
  15. What was the name of Thor's silent brother? Low-key.

Lowkey joke, What was the name of Thor's silent brother?

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A group of movie producers are working on the next avengers/MCU movie

Producer 1: Does anyone have any ideas for the villain?
Producer 2: Ok, how about a 14 foot tall, flaming eye-ball, with poison swords for arms, who shoots lasers from his feet, and has a pet llama made of diamonds
Head producer: You're over-thinking this, let's just keep it low-key

Did you hear about Tom Hiddleston's secret audition to be in the next Marvel movie? Apparently he dropped his voice an octave to throw the casting director off balance...

He was auditioning as a low key, low-key, Loki.

What do you call an Asguardian s**... party?

A Thorgy.
What do you call a secret Asguardian s**... party?
A Low-Key Thorgy.

Lowkey joke, What kind of person are you if you open the door from the bottom of the door?

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