Lovato Jokes

What are some Lovato jokes?

I tried playing my Demi Lovato record today

But the needle kept getting stuck

Why wont Demi Lovato play soccer?

She cant seem to kick anything

Why did Demi Lovato hold Wonder Woman captive?

Because she was a heroine addict

Demi Lovato just moved house recently...

... she lives right overdose hills

I bet Demi Lovato...

Can open a Capri Sun on the first try

What is the worst food to eat with Demi Lovato?

Soup because it is really hard to eat without a spoon

After everything she's been through and survived, one word comes to mind when I think of Demi Lovato.


What is Demi Lovato's half-sister's name?

Semi Lovato :p

*I'll show myself out*

Can people stop the Demi Lovato jokes please

It's not funny a dealer lost his best customer

I didn't know there was a concert at the hospital today

Demi Lovato gave everyone inside a heart attack

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