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Funny Lotto Jokes and Puns

If a man wins the lotto...

Man- What would you do if I won the lottery?

Woman- Take half and leave!

Man- Well, I won 20 bucks, here's 10, now get out!

Why do lottery winners always go bankrupt?

Because if they knew anything about managing money, they wouldn't be playing the lotto in the first place!

- Anthony Jeselneck

Did you hear about the woman who blew all her money on powerball tickets?

She made a lotto bad decisions....

Lotto joke, Did you hear about the woman who blew all her money on powerball tickets?

A snail hits the lotto and goes into a Rolls Royce dealership and orders his car to have a giant "S" painted on the doors.

When asked why he wanted it, he replied "I want everyone who sees me to say 'look at that S car go!'"

What did the woman who won the lottery get?

Lotto money.

Being kissed by a girl is like winning the lotto

I can pay for both, but get nothing in the end

Guy comes home to his girlfriend

happy and excited. He exclaims I won the lotto go pack your stuff. Girlfriend happily asks Warm or cold clothes where are we going? He says I don't care where you go pack your stuff I won the lotto.

Lotto joke, Guy comes home to his girlfriend

Did you hear about the Horse who won the Lotto?

Nobody has. When they asked if he had the winning ticket he only told them "Nay"

What is something I 100% do not own...

CS:GO Lotto.

News from the Zimbabwean Lotto

and for a magical 100,000th time the winner is...

Robert Mugabe

I know a guy from North Carolina who spent 200 million on the lotto.

He said that if he doesn't win, his life savings are gonna go south.

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A farmer wins twelve million dollars on the lotto max.

A reporter asks him what he plans to do with his new found wealth?
Well I'll just keep on farming till it's gone I guess.

If you could Ask God one Question, what would you ask.?

Next Weeks Lotto Numbers

Greenlanders finally decided to participate in the Viking Lotto

They are inuit to win it.

What's the difference between Mayweather and a Lotto winner

The Lotto winner has to make an effort for his money

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