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A hillbilly invites his new neighbor to a party...

he says "there'll be a whole lotta drinkin', dancin', and screwin'..."

His neighbor asks if he can bring anything.

Hillbilly says, "you can bring anything you want, just goin' be me and you..."

*credit to "Mad Men"*

Girls will tell you that you have to kiss a lotta frogs to find a prince...

But guys will tell you that you have to kiss a lotta princesses to find a woman!

Skeleton: Gee I sure have a lotta work to do today...

A skele-ton

If 50 cent went broke what would he still have?

lotta bills..

The makers of "Snakes On A Plane" are planning to make a sequel.

It's going to be called "A Lotta Kids On a Plane".

Whatd ya call a lesbian dinasor?

Lick-a- Lotta Puss.

Lotta girls out there named Virginia but you don't see many named Alabama. Wonder why?

Someone out there has a punch line help me out folks

Why does Jesus like Black Friday?

Makes it easier to pay for our sins. Lotta BOGO deals out there.

Did you hear about the guy who won the lottery?

She won a whole lotta money.

It must be really awesome being a baker

They make a lotta dough.

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