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Funny Loosen Jokes and Puns

A robot walks into a bar. The bartender asks,

"What'll ya have?"

The robot says, "Well, it's been a long day and I need to loosen up. How about a screwdriver?"

My friends told me I needed to loosen up....

so we went to a club and had a few drinks, after the 5th one I was ready dance.

So I went to the dance floor and then "The Twist" began to play, and I did The Twist.

Then "The Hustle" began to play, and I did The Hustle

Then "Come on Eileen" played and I got banned from the club.

I ate so much at Thanksgiving,

I had to loosen my Fitbit.

Loosen joke, I ate so much at Thanksgiving,

Yesterday I tried to loosen a rusty lug nut...

But it didn't turn out.

How would it be living in an only men city?

I think it would be tight at first, but then it would loosen up after a while.

A friend was having trouble with her oldschool mechanical typewriter.

She said 'It's great to have such a retro device, however it doesn't work properly'.

I asked 'What is wrong with it?'

She replied 'Well some of the keys get stuck and I have to move them back manually'

'Ah I think I have a solution'

'Please tell me'

'Well what you need to do is press W, D, 4, T, all at once and it should loosen up'.

A robot walks into a bar

Says to the bartender, "I need to loosen up. Give me a Screwdriver."

Loosen joke, A robot walks into a bar

A robot walks into a bar.

What can I get you? the bartender asks. I need something to loosen up, the robot replies. So the bartender serves him a screwdriver.

A cheapskate goes to have his wisdom teeth removed. The dentist said the procedure would cost $100.

The cheapskate replies, "I'll give you $50 and just loosen it."

Why did the rusty bolt go to the bar?

To loosen up.

The Terminator T-100 walks into a bar and says,

"Gimmie a screwdriver! I need to loosen up."

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