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Funny Lolly Jokes and Puns

Don't Eat Too Many Lollipops

A mother tells her little boy, "Johnny, you mustn't eat too many lollies or I'll hide the lolly jar." Johnny asks, "Why?" His mother says, "Because something bad will happen! Your tummy will blow up big like a balloon and then pop!" The next day at church, the boy is sitting next to a pregnant woman. He points to her belly smiling and says, "I know what you've been doing!"

My little brother asked for a lolly.

I said to him, you may be the same age but it's still illegal.

Did you hear about the hipster with sticky hands?

He tried to pick up an ice lolly before it was cool

What's 4chan's favourite popsicle brand?



On Fridays our school sells lollypops in the cafeteria. I bought 22 so that I can be sick and not have to come to school tomorrow! Works every time.

What is a gamer's favorite candy?

A lol-ly pop

What kind of ice lolly should you eat at the end of the world?

An Apocalypso

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