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Funny Lollipop Jokes and Puns

Would you believe me if I told you it takes 60 seconds to make a lollipop?

There's a sucker born every minute.

What's the worst part about going to the doctor's and finding out you have diabetes?

You don't get a lollipop afterwards :/

Why did Johnny drop his lollipop?

Because he got hit by a truck

Lollipop joke, Why did Johnny drop his lollipop?

Where do you keep lollipops?

The licker cabinet

I hate lollipop ladies

They make me cross

I made a fortune selling HIV testing kits to Africa

In reality, it's just a bunch of lollipop sticks with "Yes" written on the side of them.

I'm like a cashew in a lollipop

Just keep sucking 'till you get to the nut

Lollipop joke, I'm like a cashew in a lollipop

If I had a nickel for every time someone called me young...

I could buy a lollipop.

My ex-boyfriend told me giving head is like licking a lollipop...

...but being a woman with little patience, I don't think he appreciated me getting bored and--'

My mom told me this, my dad yelled 'STOP' from the other room before she finished!

I don't like lollipop ladies...

They make me cross.

Why did the lollipop join an MLM?

Cause it was a sucker.

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If I got 0,01 cent for every time I was told how smart I am

I would be sill 0,10 cent short for lollipop.

How's it hanging?

Like a lollipop. Want a lick?

Why didn't the little girl finish her lollipop?

She was hit by a bus

I was trying to make a new Wizard of Oz movie

I could find enough actors to play the Lollipop Guild. Apparently there was a shortage.

What kind of drink would a lollipop make?

Sucker punch.

Lollipop joke, What kind of drink would a lollipop make?

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