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If I were a homosexual Norse god...

I'd keep it Loki.

Did you hear about that party at Thor's?

No, I guess you wouldn't have; he kept it pretty Loki.

Why was Thor unable to get any sleep?

He Was Up All Night to Get Loki

Loki joke, Why was Thor unable to get any sleep?

Why was Thor disappointed by his birthday party?

Because it was more Loki than he wanted.

The Avengers must love Daft Punk

They were up all night to get Loki

How does an Asgardian like his parties?


Why didn't Thor like the party?

It was too Loki.

Loki joke, Why didn't Thor like the party?

My Day is Going to be a Small Celebration to a Nordic God

It'll be a Loki Day

Thor Odinson may not be the coolest God-name ever...

But it's still better than Loki Adoptedson.


How did Thor's brother get his powers?

Just Loki I guess

what's it called when you're secretly a norse god?

you're low key loki

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I guess Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift couldn't keep their relationship...


In light of the recent Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston news. I believe they shouldn't have let slip they are dating and kept it Loki

(Joke above)

What sort of cereal does Thor eat?

Loki Charms.

Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift's relationship is over after just three months because he wanted it to be more public...

I guess she wanted it to be more Loki.

Why did Thor decide to sleep in?

He was up all night to Get Loki.

Loki joke, Why did Thor decide to sleep in?

I saw a Norse god discreetly playing 49Hz notes on a piano in space...

I thought to myself: "What a low G low G low key low key Loki."

So Thor threw a really small surprise party for his Adopted Brother's birthday.

It was Loki

What does Thor do to sneak around and avoid being noticed?

He stays Loki.

Thor: Brother! What are you doing this weekend?

Loki: nothing, just hanging out

Thor: oh sweet! that sounds...

Loki: no

Thor: low key

How does Thor blend in to society without being noticed?

He keeps it Loki.

Which Marvel villain is the master of subtlety?


Why was a god hiding in the shadows?

He had to keep his movements *Loki.*

What did Loki get after a 1000 squat workout?

A Thor Asgard.

I never told anyone about my date with a norse God.

They wanted to keep it Loki.

Why didn't Thor invite many people to his brother's surprise party?

He wanted to keep it Loki

Puns about Norse gods...

are Loki the best.

I don't like Thor, he's really cocky...

His brother is really Loki and down to earth though

Did you hear about Tom Hiddleston's secret audition to be in the next Marvel movie? Apparently he dropped his voice an octave to throw the casting director off balance...

He was auditioning as a low key, low-key, Loki.

Why does Loki hate talking about his brother?

It's a Thor thubject.

Why does Loki buy cough drops?

He doesn't want to get a Thor throat

Why doesn't Tom Hiddleston get excited about anything?

Because he's too Loki

What do introverts and Loki have in common?

They would both fake their own death to avoid social events.

I went to Thor's wedding last year and was worried that I was really under dressed.

It ended up being pretty Loki.

How was the viking party?

Pretty Loki.

I watched the new Infinity War movie yesterday...

I was Loki dying in the beginning

Tom Hiddleston doesn't make a big deal about all the success he had in the MCU

Plays it Loki

What do you call it when a trickster god is singing just a little flat, but nobody really notices?

Low-key low key Loki.

Why did Thor hide his relationship with his brother?

Because he wanted to keep it Loki

What happens when a god dies and no one knows? [Infinity War Spoliers]

They're loki dead

Why could Thor never find out where his brother was hiding?

Because his brother was Loki.

What does Loki call Thor?


I was pretty surprised to see the ending to the first Avengers movie...

Loki didn't see it coming.

Why didn't Tom Hiddleston invite Chris Hemsworth to his Thor Ragnarok afterparty?

Tom wanted to keep it a loki affair.

How does Chris Hemsworth feel after a workout?


Bonus joke.

How does Tom Hiddleston walk around in public?


I'll see myself out.

Who is the most laid back Norse God?


Why did Loki throw a tantrum when he couldn't find his brother during a game of hide and seek?

Because he was a Thor loser

My weekend was like the movie The Avengers


Why doesn't Thor like secrets?

He hates to keep things Loki.

Did you hear about that kid that got overwhelmed and burst into tears when his parents threw him a huge Thor themed 6th birthday party?

He wanted something a little more Loki.

Why did thor have such a hard time accepting his brother was actually a frost giant?

He was loki racist

I hate when my friends always talk about Norse gods

Like bro it's Loki annoying

Why didn't Tom Hiddleston want a big birthday party?

He wanted to keep it Loki

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