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A Pirates life for me...

A first mate says to his captain "sir i have the yearn in me loins, and we haven't made port in weeks what do i do"

Captain : "I too have this problem , and have a solution!. when ever ye feel the need, place your self in this hole in the barrel, except on Wednesdays never on Wednesdays"

1st.Mate: "that's a great plan sir, but why not Wednesdays is that when we clean it out?"

Captain:"no you slimy dog Wednesdays is your turn in the barrel"

What did the butcher say when kicked in the genitals?

I've got some tender loins

My Aussie drug dealer is obsessed with meat from the back of an animal

He was up doing loins all night.

I like my loins like Bond likes his martinis

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