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A good way to get to know your date

is to ask about their first pet, favorite movie, and mom's maiden name.

Then login and read all their emails.

If you login to Amazon

and other retailers websites for Thanksgiving sale, you may save up to 70%........

But if you don't login, you'll save 100%

The login input fields spend the night at a hotel. Password stays for breakfast.

Username checks out.

A woman gets called into her office HR department

They tell her that they noticed her password for her login was very unusual and asked her how she chose "DocGrumpyHappySleepyBashfulSneezyDopeySacarmento"

She said - "well the instructions were to have a password with seven characters and have at least one capitol, so I thought I was just following the rules"

Got this new game today called "Real Life"

Tried to login as a female in the china server but it always crashes on the loading sceen

Every time I click "Remember Me" on a login page, I get a little sad thinking about my fleeting existence...

...But some cookies would brighten my day!

Disclaimer: Made this joke up just now.

What is the first thing lumberjacks do when they start work?


Security measures.

Web site log in: Sorry, your password [email protected]# is not secure enough. 
Cash machine login 1234: Here's your 1000 dollars.

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