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I bought a locket today and put my own picture in it. Guess now I really am....



I got a picture of myself in a locket for my 18th birthday.

I am now independent.


Every 4th of July, America sends Britain a locket with a little tiny picture of the United States in it. They want to remind the crown that America is still...


( β€’_β€’)>βŒβ– -β– 

(βŒβ– _β– )

In *da* pendent


If you put a picture of yourself in a locket

You could say you are



What do you call someone who puts a picture of themselves in a locket?



Turned 18 today, so I bought a locket and put my picture in it. Guess I am...



My daughter turned 18 today, so I bought her a locket and put her picture in it. As I gently placed it around her neck, chocking back the tears, I said, "Well, sweetheart, I guess you really are..."



I bought a locket today and put my own picture in it.

Now I can truly think of myself as Independent.


Yeah It is Result of Marriage

Seeing her friend Sally wearing a new locket, Meg asks if there is a memento of some sort inside.

Yes, says Sally, a lock of my husband's hair.

But Larry's still alive.

I know, but his hair is gone.


I put a picture of the USA in a heart locket to celebrate the 4th of July...

Now it is truly independent


The old man's woe

One day I was walking and saw an old man dressed in a black suit sitting on a bench in front of a cemetery crying. In his hands he held a heart shaped locket, and to comfort him, I said "I'm sorry about the loss of your wife..."

"What? Oh no, my wife is fine. In fact, she's perfect! She's a younger woman, but she cooks, she does all the shopping, and she even likes watching sports! We never argue at all, she's an absolute angel, and I love her."

"Oh that's great," I smile. "So why are you crying?"

"I forgot where I live!"


If you put a picture of yourself in a locket...

Could some say you are, independent? :D

(Don't look at me like that. You smirked, at least. haha!)


Decided to vote today, so I bought a locket

and put my ballot in it, guess I really put my faith independant


If you take a picture of yourself and put it in a locket...

...your independent.


I'm only putting a picture of me in my locket.

This proves I'm independent.


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