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A little lizard

A little lizard is walking through the jungle one day and spots a koala bear up in a tree.
"Hey, what are you doing?" asks the little lizard. Koala bear replies, "I'm getting high, come up and join me."
So the little lizard climbs the tree and shares a joint with the koala bear. Pretty soon the little lizard gets thirsty, he spots the river and says he's going to go get a drink. So the little lizard climbs down the tree, walks over to the river and as he is drinking he ends up falling in. An alligator saw this and rushes over to help the little lizard out of the water.
"What the heck are you doing?" asks the alligator.
"Well, I was getting high with the koala bear in the tree and then I got thirsty and then...."
"Whoa, wait a minute. You were getting high with a koala bear? I've got to see this." Says the alligator as he goes walking off into the jungle.
The alligator spots the koala bear in the tree and shouts up "Hey, what are you doing up there?"
The koala bear looks down and says "Shiiiiiiiiiiit, Dude, how much water did you drink?"

What did the lizard get at home depot?


My lizards won't mate...

Must be a reptile dysfunction.

Liza joke, My lizards won't mate...

Why couldn't the lizard get a girlfriend?

Because he had a reptile dysfunction!

Why couldn't the lizard be aroused?

He had a reptile dysfunction

(I just made that up but I'm sure it's been thought of)

Why was the lizard upset with her husband?

Because he had a reptile dysfunction. ...

Okay bye now

Why couldn't the lizard have any children?

It had a reptile dysfunction!

Liza joke, Why couldn't the lizard have any children?

Where does a lizard go when it loses its tail?

A tailor

Is your lizard not working?

You may have a reptile dysfunction.

Why was the lizard nervous in bed?

He had reptile dysfuncton

Two lizards are being chased by the police

... and one says to the other 'Lose the tail!'

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Why couldn't the lizard get it up?

He had ereptile dysfunction.

I saw a lizard

and it became a spotted lizard

The little lizard was shocked when he found out how he was conceived.

Anole sex

Why did the lizards get a divorce?

A reptile dysfunction

Why was the lizard mad at her husband?

He had a reptile dysfunction.

Liza joke, Why was the lizard mad at her husband?

A lizard that can't walk: From what is it suffering?

Reptile Dysfunction

Where do lizards get their new tails?

At the re-tail store

Why wasn't the lizard good with the ladies?

He had E-Reptile Dysfunction

What does a lizard say to it's meal?

I Guana eat you

I saw a lizard with two tails

It was a case of reptile dysfunction

A lizard walks into the bar...

A lizard walks into a bar pushing a baby in a stroller. What's your kid's name? asks the bartender. Tiny, says the lizard. Because he's my newt.

A lizard tatoo artist applies for a job at an architectural firm...

The hiring manager is perplexed. "How" he asks, "does inking reptiles amount to 'relevant experience' designing buildings for our firm?"

"Well for starters" the lizard tatoo artist begins, "all of my drawings are to scale."

*This is OC fam. Just put my 2 weeks notice in at my day job.*

There was a lizard that lived in my back yard who lost his tail. After weeks of observation, the tail just wouldn't grow back.

I'm not sure what the science is behind this, but I'm sure it was just a reptile dysfunction.

What is the lizards greatest natural enemy?

An independently informed people.

Two lizards walk into a bar

and the bartender says, "We don't get many lizards in here." The first lizard replies, "At these prices, I'm not surprised!"

(My brother told this one when we were kids.. I don't know where he got it but think he and a friend made it up. Stupid but it still makes me laugh)

Why couldn't the lizard reproduce?

Ereptile Dysfunction

Why couldn't the lizard get an erection?

He had e-reptile-dysfunction

If there were a lizard school, which students would be the one keeping order?

The monitors.

Why are lizards such cheapskates?

Because they're tried to tip the SCALES in their favour

A Lizard,A Liar and billionaire Walk into a bar....

The Bartender says What can I get ya Mr.Zuckerberg?

Lizards are easy to care for

If you start from the get-go.

How much does a lizard weigh?

Depends on the scales.

^Lizard ^^lizard^^^lizard

Is there a Gecko in here?

My lizard shrunk

It was a reptile dysfunction

A lizard who just cant get it up walks into the doctors office

The lizard asks the doctor what the problem might be.

The doc answers back, seems to me like you might have Ereptile Dysfunction.

The lizard and I have so much respect for each other's privacy

When I enter room, she leaves. When she enters the room, I leave

Why did the lizard cross the road?

To meet his flatmate

Why did the lizards breakup?

Because he had ereptile dysfunction.

Where does a lizard go when it loses its tail ?

A re-tail store

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