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A pirate's walking down the beach....

...when he comes across a little girl. The litter girl says, "Hey Pirate! Where's your buccaneers??" The pirate responds, "tucked inside my buck'n hat!!"

What is kitty?

A three-year-old boy went with his dad to see a new litter of kittens.

On returning home, he breathlessly informed his mother, "There were two boy kittens and two girl kittens."

"How did you know that?" his mother asked.

"Daddy picked them up and looked underneath," he replied. "I think it's printed on the bottom."

Did you hear about the cat that ate a ball of yarn?

She had a litter of mittens.

Litter joke, Did you hear about the cat that ate a ball of yarn?

Why did the mother cat pick up her kittens?

She didn't want to litter

What do you call a litter of puppies who've been out in the snow?

Slush Puppies

What the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and reading have in common?

Both are literacy.

[homophonic joke explainer: "litter a-sea"]

I saw someone litter a picture of Kim Kardashian.

What a waist!

Litter joke, I saw someone litter a picture of Kim Kardashian.

What do you call a country full of people who throw garbage on the street, while repeating consonant sounds?

A litter nation.

Catch Up or Catch It

What do you do meet an old friend?
What do you do when someone throws a ball?
What do you put on a hamburger?
What do you find in a litter box?

I moved to Australia, I've never been so appreciated!

I've had so many offers to "Get F**ked!"... I have the pick of the litter!!

Why is North Korea so polluted?

They have supreme litter.

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Why did I visit Florida?

I threw a dart at my map and it landed in my cat's litter box.

Is it fair to say...

There'd be less litter in the world if blind people were given pointed sticks?

What do you call a litter of Corgi puppies?

A Corgisbord.

My street looks like a garbage dump...

...litter ally!

In the west, You have a washing machine, a dish-washer, a shower, litter boxes, a toilet & a cemetery

But in India: We have the Ganges!

Litter joke, In the west, You have a washing machine, a dish-washer, a shower, litter boxes, a toilet & a cemeter

As Jeff the street sweeper says "A clean place is not where one sweeps, but where one doesn't litter"

That's why he traded in his broom for a shotgun.

thought I dreamt of a walk on a sandy beach

at least that explains the footprints I found in the cats litter box this morning.

How do you make kitty litter?

Take away its trash can!

Why is there so much litter in prisons

Because nobody is brave enough to bend over and pick it up

Who is the world's most avid environmentalist?

Mrs. Hawking

She planted trees, picked up litter, and married a vegetable.

What do you call a litter of Corgis?

A CorgΓ₯sbord.

Tonight I dreamt of a beautiful walk on the beach

That explains the footprints in my cat's litter box

Putting things in the bin may be 'lit'

But dropping them on the floor is litter

Just got a new job as a litter picker

Doesn't matter how lit you are...

Rubbish is litter.

I saw a bunch of baby kittens by a dumpster...

Didn't anyone tell their mother not to litter?

What's the difference between litter and garbage?

Depends on whether the puppies survive or not.

What do you call a cat that can't use the litter box?


What did Catwoman get fined for?

Kitty litter

A man walks into a talent agency with a litter of kittens...

The Agent asks: "What do you call this?"

The man responds: "The Aristocats!"

Hey babe, I want you to tell dirty things about me.

The bathroom .. the kitchen .. your car and oh, and our cats litter box

I hear voices telling me to do things I don't want to do

"Take out the trash"

"Do the dishes"

"Clean the litter box"

Why did I get married?

My local fisherman keeps trying to lecture me about how the litter from single-use plastics flows downstream into spawning grounds.

I see he's up-to-date with current events.

I have a litter of Pomeranian puppies specifically nurtured to look like a French loaf, 500$ per pupper

Please don't ask me to go lower on the price, they are *pure bread*

I have just applied for a job as a litter collector.

They asked if I had any relevant experience but I said I will just pick it up as I go along.

Did you hear about the competition between the different cat litter companies?

The winner gets the catastrophe

What do you call someone who likes to get lit


The only thing I hate worse than a litter bug

Is a pocket full of trash

What do you call someone who gets lit


What do you call a bunch of dead cats on the side of the road?


Two cats are walking through a desert..

..after a long while one of them turns and says, "Dude, I don't get this litter box".

My six-year old just got pregnant!

She's a Labrador Beagle Mix, and she'll be having a litter of puppies in September!

Why is the forest floor covered in leaf litter?

Because nature abhors a vacuum

Why did the police investigate after the cat left the litter box?

They could tell that there had been a coverup.

I adopted a couple of pet catfish; great fish. The only problem...

They refuse to use the litter box.

Daily puns until I get a relationship #1

My dog recently gave birth to a litter of puppies, and one of them is always fighting his siblings. He's such a son of a bitch

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