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Funny Lithium Jokes and Puns

What elements make up life?

Lithium and Iron

I partied with lithium tantalum fluoride

it was LiTaF

Did you hear what happened to Lithium?

He was arrested for battery charges. Some say he's bi-polar.

Lithium joke, Did you hear what happened to Lithium?

What do you call someone who says you can chemically bond Lithium and Argon?

Well, just ask them what the bond would be named.

What did x æ a-12 got when he was given a lithium iron battery, to reboot himself?


There are two lithium atoms walking along, and one says to the other,

Phil, I think I lost an electron back there.

So Phil says, Really Jason, are you sure?

And Jason replies, Yeah, I'm positive!

Short Chemistry Joke For You All

What are the elements of life?

Lithium and Iron

Lithium joke, Short Chemistry Joke For You All

Doctor: I'd give him Lithium for his severe depression.

If that doesn't work, Barium.

Joke my scinence teacher dropped on us

A lithium atom walked into a bar and said

"Hey I think I left some electrons in here last night, have you seen any?"

The bar tender replied, "No, are you sure you lost them?"

The lithium atom replied "Yes I'm positive..."

Why can't you trust a Lithium Ion battery?

Because they're always Li-ion!

Why was the Lithium arrested?

He was on battery charges.

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What kind of scientist loves LiFe?

One with Lithium and Iron.

Girl are you a broken lithium battery?

Because you're looki'n thick

Studies show that lithium can significantly reduce suicide risk.

But I always want to kill myself when the battery dies

What's the difference between a drunken brawler and a lithium chloride power cell?

One's charged with assault and battery and the other's a battery charged with a salt.

Somebody once told me that the symbol for Lithium was LT.

I glanced at the periodic table. Clearly, it was Li.

Lithium joke, Somebody once told me that the symbol for Lithium was LT.

Why Were Sodium Chloride and Lithium Ion Arrested?

For 'a salt' and battery :D

Cats are made of iron, lithium and neon.

Because FeLiNe

What lives at the North Pole and takes Lithium?

A bi-polar bear.

[OC, circa 2005]

One day in class I started saying "hydrogen, helium, lithium..."

Then I screamed out **#"OXYGEN!"** and everyone got scared.

I said "that was the element of surprise."

I bought some lithium for 100 pence today.

It was a Liquid.

A man died due to an overdose of Lithium...

Watson: Do you know what killed this man?

Sherlock: It's elementary, Watson.

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