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What are some Literature jokes?

1984 is a great work of literature.

I think all kids should be forced to read it.

I asked my friend about his time in prison.

"I have mixed feelings. On one hand I was surrounded by the worst society had to offer. I shared cells with thieves, murderers, and rapists. On the other hand the prison library was filled with the best collection of literature that I've ever seen. I don't know. It has its prose and cons."

What do you get when you cross alcohol and literature?

Tequila Mockingbird

I'm having a hard time trying to decide on which pencil to use for my English literature exam.

2B or not 2B - that is the question.

I made up a joke today.

What's the worst thing about pornographic literature?

Too many holes in the plot.

What do you get when you mix alcohol and literature?

Tequila Mockingbird

(Also Ernest Hemingway, but that's beside the point)

What happens when you combine alcohol and literature?

Tequila Mockingbird

I wanted to buy some literature on DIY shelving

Sounds easy, but try going into a book store and asking if they have "any books on shelves"

Escalator Literature.

a step by step guide to reaching new levels

Why is there so little Puerto Rican literature?

Because the spray paint can wasn't invented until 1949.

I'm ambivalent about Mongolian literature.

It has its prose and Khans.

If a seagull flys over the sea, then what flys over the bay?

A bagel!
(Came up with this Louis CK style slapstick literature at 5 years old, give me bronze)

Penguin books seem to only publish extremist literature...

For them, everything is just black and white.

I'm an English teacher and I'm obsessed with staying clean.

I hope there isn't any literature house.

A friend of mine is really set on becoming the first emperor of Asia, He's pursuing a PhD in English Literature...

When I asked him why chose English Literature he said he wanted to be "a great reader".

I once held a PHD in the field of literature

And then he asked me to put him down and pick up all the books I threw all over the grass

Why did Hitler fail literature class?

He was anti-semantic.

What do you get when you mix Mexico with literature?

Tequila Mockingbird

I should stay up until 3 in the morning more often

I want to make a show with the two actors who have played Khan in the different Star Trek films where we discuss literature. We will call it "Prose and Khans".

A man failed his gay Latino literature gang initiaton

He didn't do his essay

A generic science major and an english literature major walk into a bar and are asked by a mutual friend how to best evaluate a book.

I just wrote a joke: A generic science major and an english literature major walk into a bar and are asked by a mutual friend how to best evaluate a book.

The generic science major takes a few moments to think, then says, "Well, I would read up on the history of the book, process the literature within a few months (well enough to formulate some questions to ask participants that are likely to assess the book's content, influence, and perceived influence), then test a few of the relevant questions that the lit. search analysis generates. In some kind of controlled setting, obviously. You?"

The english literature major takes a shot, then says, "Uhhh... first I'd read it."

What did the math book say to the literature book?

You're so full of great stories, I'm just filled with problems

What do you call smutty literature?

Fan friction.

What was Kim Jong Un's favorite class in school?

Literature. He is a supreme reader after all.

This is what I learned from Russian Literature

Alright so 2 guys and 1 girl are stranded on a island

If they were French then they would have a "menage a trois" and get along just fine.

If they were English then they would be mad at each other because none of them were properly introduce.

And if they were Russian then the girl would have married the guy she didn't like and everyone would be unhappy.

A small Japanese town has only two literature teachers, Ishu and Takashiro

One day Ishu falls ill and asks Takashiro to teach his classes for the week. Ishu had planned to give a surprise assessment tomorrow but hadn't finished writing the questions, so he asks Takashiro to finish them for him.

Ishu miraculously gets better the day after the assessment. He's still on leave but he tells Takashiro he'll grade the papers anyways as thanks for having his back.

Ishu reads the papers and is confused.

Takashiro-san, why is this in Spanish? Why didn't you write the assessment problems in Japanese?

It was a surprise assessment, and nobody expects the Spanish in quiz, Ishu-san.

I don't understand why so many people major in English Literature.

I mean there's only so many ways to ask, "Do you want fries with that?"

Erotic literature for premature ejaculators

Chapter 1.

She looked at him.

The end.

A waiter approaches a table celebrating their daughters graduation...

Father: Our daughter just graduated from SCU with an English degree!

Waiter: That's so great! Congratulations! I actually have a Master's degree in English Literature myself. Can I get you folks started with some chips and salsa?

What do you get when you cross Russian literature with balanced chemical equations?


There was a pub quiz last week

And there was a round on Literature. The question was "Name the book where the characters all lived behind a wardrobe". Imagine the disgust when I shouted "The diary of Anne Frank"!

J.K. Rowling started out writing children's literature. Then she tried her hand at writing books for grown-ups. Now she's back to writing for children.

Apparently Twitter's her new gig.

I went to court today because i took a piece of literature from the library without my card

They threw the book at me.

Why did the teacher use the evolution of Thor in viking mythology to teach both literature and Northern European history in her class?

She wanted to demonstrate using a Meta-Thor.

Literature for the blind

What did the blind man say when he picked up a cheese grater?

This is the most violent story I've ever read!

My sexuality is like classic literature.

There's not really any action, and most people are just confused by it.

"A boy jumped through the window". What is the subject?

English literature

What do you get when you cross Literature and Queen?

"I'm just a Poe boy,
Nobody loves me"

What is the difference between the most famous character in Spanish literature and a gay mule?

One is Don Quixote. The other is Donkey Joto.

What do you call a financially unstable law enforcement officer that writes dark poetry and literature?

A po popo Poe

Tried mixing Mexican alcohol with 20th century American literature last night…

Ended up with tequila mockingbird.

I just finished reading a book on Mongolian literature.

It had its prose and khans.

I signed up today for a college American Fiction Literature class, apparently it was a really popular class.

It was LIT AF

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