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A lioness makes a nice kill, but has to catch a flight soon after.

There isn't enough time to eat it all, and and she doesn't want to waste so much good meat, so she just decides to bring it with her.
She gets to the airport, checks in and gets her boarding pass. She's about to go through security when she's stopped. Sorry ma'am, the guard says, we don't allow carrion.

A bull and a lion are sitting in bar

They're sitting for a while talking, eating and drinking. After a while the bull lion says: "You know what lion, your wife is a real lioness. She lets you go out, have fun, have a few drinks and still manages to have a laugh with you while my wife is a cow."

What did the lion sext to the lioness?

I want you to s**... my pride.

I was seduced by a lioness the other day...

I guess you could say she was a s**... predator.

Why did Zuri the lioness kill her husband?

Because he was a cheetah.

A lioness is sick and tired of her partner's dishonesty.

Cuz he lion.

You are a lioness and I am your lion.. be a good lioness and bring me some food!

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