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When Lionel messi dies..

He should have his Argentinian team mates bury him so they can let him down one last time..

What do you get when you mix Lionel Messi and Chris Brown?

A striker!

What is Lionel Messi's favorite soft drink?

Si, era Missed

Why does nobody like eating with Lionel?

Because he is a Messi eater!

Lionel Messi used to be the GOAT

Now he's just ba-aaa-aaad

Why did Lionel Messi cross the road?

to retrieve his penalty kick

Lionel Messi might just redefine s**... and PHYSICS

Because he doesn't any space to score

That €8.5 million penalty Lionel has to pay...

Sure cleaned up that messy business.

Did you hear about the most recent FIFA scandal?

Turns out Lionel was a little Messi in his financial records.

Lionel Messi is overrated.

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