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  1. People always told my dad that his pride would be the death of him and sure enough, he was eaten by his favorite lion just last Wednesday
  2. Today I was turned away from an LGBTQ organized event. To think I thought they were inclusive. This is the last time I take my pack of lions to a pride parade.
  3. Just found out that male lions sometimes engage in homosexual behavior. Must have a lot of gay pride.
  4. My friend has a unique ability; he can always tell if there are lions near by. He's got a great sense of pride.
  5. How did the lion feel after becoming a cannibal? Full of pride.
  6. All of the lions went missing from my local zoo The zoo's ok, they lost nothing but their pride.
  7. Some lions just escaped a nature reserve in South Africa They were rejected from their group.
    They could maybe ask to be let in the group again
    But their pride wouldn't let them.
  8. Why was the lions stomach enormous? Because he finally swallowed his pride
  9. Did you hear about the gay lion? He swallowed his own pride
  10. I'd brag about my pride... But I'd be lion.

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Lion Pride One Liners

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  1. I completely misunderstood Pride month… Anyway, who wants to buy 12 lions?
  2. What happened to the overconfident lion-tamer? He was consumed by his own pride.
  3. I capture lions for a living... I guess you could say I take pride in my work.
  4. What happens when a lion becomes a cannibal? He swallows his pride...
  5. Why do lions only mate in the summer? Because the pride cometh before the fall
  6. Completely misunderstood pride month. Does anyone want to buy 15 lions?
  7. Which of the7 deadly sins are lions guilty of? Pride!!
  8. What do you call a group of homosexual lions? gay pride
  9. I completely misunderstood pride month... Who wants to buy 15 lions?
  10. Did you hear about the conceited, cannibalistic lion? He swallowed his pride.
  11. A lion who's been removed from its family.. ..has been stripped of it's pride.
  12. Did you hear about the cannibalistic lion? He swallowed his pride.
  13. Did you hear about what happened to the lion Tamer? He was killed by his own pride
  14. Why did the lion cross the road? To get to the other pride
  15. If a group of lions is called pride, what do you call a group of humans? Prejudice.

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What happened to the cannibal lion?
He had to s**... his pride!

What do you call a same-s**... lion o**...?

Gay Pride.

What do you call a group of male lions?

A gay pride.

They say male lions will often turn to cannibalism when they're desperate for food.

They just have to s**... their pride.

Why aren't lions cannibals?

They can't s**... their pride.

Why was the lion a terrible cannibal?

He couldn't s**... his pride.

An impotent lion....

has no pride.

Why can't lions ever conquer the world?

Because the pride comes before the fall.

Someone ordered a lion statuette for a Pride parade

Apparently there was a mixup at the manufacturer and they only sent the rear half of the lion.
What followed was a catastrophe

King of the Jungle

If the leader of all the lions can't find any prey to catch, does he just s**... his pride?

Names for groups of animals

We all know some of the common names: pride of lions, m**... of crows, etc. But some aren't so well known:
construction site of cranes
chomp of alligators
giggle of girls
cancer of lawyers

I work for the organization that sets group names, like "a pride of lions", and I have to hire a new intern.

This will take a while; I have a whole grovel of resumes to go through.

What did the cannibalistic lion do?

s**... his pride.

Did you hear about the lion who was forced to eat his family?

He had to s**... his pride.

Did ya hear about the cannibal lion with a huge ego?

He had to s**... his pride

What is the hardest part about admitting you are a gay lion?

Having to s**... your pride.

What does a lion feel when it's eating a zebra?


What did the lion sext to the lioness?

I want you to s**... my pride.

Did you hear about the zookeeper who failed miserably by letting his lions escape?

He lost his pride.

Lions are really gay

They're taking their pride in it aswell

TIL a tiger would chase down your vehicle leaving his family behind, but a lion would never do that.

Because it would hurt his pride

TIL lions perform o**... s**... on each other.

Talk about swallowing your pride.

TIL about a pack of lions that had a massive o**... at the end of last Summer

They were the pride that came before the Fall

What do you call a pack of prancing lions?

A gay pride!

A funny joke, or am I lion?

Why did the lion cross the road?
To get to the other pride!

It can be really hard to s**... your pride

But sometimes a lion is just that hungry

Lions don't discriminate.

Pride unprejudiced.

Why did Scar tell the pride Simba killed Mufasa?

He was a Lion.

Why did it take the cannibal lion so long to apologize?

It took him a long time to s**... his pride.

I asked my friend why animals stay in groups...

He replied, "There are several reasons. Name an animal and I'll tell you why."
Perplexed, I took the opportunity and asked him about why penguins stay in groups.
"That," he responded, "is because penguins often use eachother to test if something is safe. Penguins sometimes even push other penguins into the water to test for killer whales."
Amazed by his knowledge, I ask him about birds.
"There are several reasons for this, as well, but the major one is so that they have a much lower chance of being targetted by a predator, like an eagle."
At this point it was just for fun, but finally, I asked him about lions.
"Oh, that? It's just the pride of lions."

Why can't you find any lions after August?

Because the pride goeth before the fall.

Saw a National Geographic video of 2 male lions having s**... with each other

I thought god have they got no pride.

I was on a safari in africa when I saw two male lions having s**... with each other in the open.

I thought to myself, Have they got no pride?

Why did the lion cross the Savannah?

To get to the other pride.

I once ate an entire family of lions

I was filled with pride.

What did the lion say to his pride before going to church?

"Let us prey"

Why was the lion full of embarrassment?

He swallowed his pride.

Did you hear about the stubborn lion who refused to resort to cannibalism?

He ended up swallowing his pride.

Why do lions make such good employees?

They take PRIDE in their work.

Things that are difficult

Sometimes its hard to s**... your pride.
Unless you are a cannibal lion.

Why do lions stay with their families in June?

Because that's **Pride** Month!

Why don't lions hang out with other species?

**Their pride gets in the way.**