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Funniest Lion And Cheetah Short Jokes

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  1. A lion and a cheetah had a race. The lion said you are a "cheetah" and the cheetah said you are "lion."
  2. All the big cats gathered for a game of poker. Why did the tiger lose? Because one of his opponents kept on lion. Another had a puma-nent poker face. But the real problem was the cheetah.
  3. Don't date African cats A lot of them are cheetahs and the ones who say they aren't are lion.
  4. Do you know why they don't play poker in the jungle? Because there's too many cheetahs. I'm not lion.
  5. so a cheetah and a lion decide to have a race The cheetah wins and the lion says "you're a Cheetah"
    the Cheetah says 'nah you're Lion'
  6. A lion and a cheetah have a game of chess and the cheetah ends up winning. Annoyed, the lion shouts, "You're a cheater!"
    The cheetah snapped back, "You're lyin'!"
  7. I have the heart of a lion and the legs of a cheetah Needless to say, the zoo doesn't want me back.
  8. There aren't that many casinos in Africa. Cause there are too many cheetahs.
    And if you meet one who claims he isn't a cheetah, he's probably lion to you.
  9. A cheetah and a lion are racing in Africa After the cheetah easily wins, the lion complains: "Man, you're a cheetah" and the cheetah says: "Naw man you're a lion".
  10. [OC] Some call me the cheetah… And some call me the lion…
    But my ex-wife calls me a lion cheetah!
    Note: I just thought of this, so as far as I can tell it is original.

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Lion And Cheetah One Liners

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  1. Why did the two big cats get a divorce? Because one was lion and the other was a cheetah
  2. Why can you never trust African cats? Because they're all either lion or cheetahs.
  3. Why did the lion always lose at poker? He was playing with a bunch of cheetahs!
  4. Why did the lion broke up with his girlfriend? Because she was a cheetah!
  5. Why did Tiger Woods get divorced? Because Tiger was a lion cheetah!
  6. Q: Why did the lion brake up with his girlfriend?
    A: Cuz she was a CHEETAH!
  7. Why Did You Dump The Cougar? "Because he was a lion cheetah!"
  8. Simba says, "Hey dad at school on my test I was a big cheetah." "Just kidding, I'm lion."
  9. Why dont lions like playing cards in the jungle? Because there's to many cheetahs!
  10. A lion would never cheat on his wife, but a cheetah would

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Buddy of mine just told this to me

A lion and a cheetah set off on a foot race too see who was the faster animal.The cheetah ended up winning and the lion complained. "Hey you a cheetah". The cheetah says back "Nah you a lion".

So a lion and a cheetah set out for a foot race...

So a lion and a cheetah set out for a foot race to see who's the fastest in the animal kingdom. The cheetah wins. The lion say "Hey, you a cheetah!" The cheetah says "Nah, you lion."

A lion, a tiger, a cheetah and a mouse fell in a hole

after trying to get away for hours, they gave up and accepted their fate
soon enough everybody got hungry.
The tiger proposed that they start by eating the weakest animal, the cheetah agreed, but the mouse stood up and said : "if you touch the lion I'll kick you in the nuts"

American teaching class of young foreign exchange students

"Okay class, can any of you use the word Dandelion in a sentence?"
A young boy from Ghana raises his hand and says
"The cheetah is fasta dan-de-lion!"

Two animals taking a test were caught copying off each other...

When one accuses the other...
"He's the CHEETAH!"
"What? You're LION!"

Why don't the zebra and the lion like to play cards in the prairie?


Why can't you trust a big cat?

Coz if they tell you they're not a Cheetah, they could be Lion.

You can never trust the cat family.....

The head of the family is always a lion, and his cousin is a cheetah.
(Lying and cheater, for those whom need this explained).

What's the difference between the lion and a cheetah?

The lion is king of the jungle, and a cheetah is just how i describe my ex.

Lion and a cheetah have a race and the cheetah wins!

The lion say "your such a cheeta!!"
The cheetah says "um no your lion!!"

A lion and a cheetah race

A lion and a cheetah get into a race. At the end of the race the lion says to the cheetah "you're a cheetah!" The cheetah tells the lion "you're a lion!"

What are the 2 reasons the girl broke up with her boyfriend? Because he was a cheetah and because he was lion too much to her.

Why do you never trust African animals?

Because the cheetahs are cheaters, and the lions are lyin'.