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What were the favorite Linux text editors of 8 randomly selected Monty Python fans?

vim, vim, vim, vim, vim, vim, emacs, and vim.

I like my women like my kernels

about 6 years old and stable

Have you heard there's a new disease you can get from using Linux?

It's Terminal.

(OC joke.)

Linux joke, Have you heard there's a new disease you can get from using Linux?

A Linux Joke

In computing, what's the only way to generate a truly random string?

Put a Windows user in front of VI and tell him to quit.

I just donated some money to the maintainers of a Linux distribution derived from Red Hat

\*tips fedora\*

Learning with Linus.

Hi. My name is Linus Torvalds and today I will be teaching you how to manage threads and resolve conflicts*.

^*In ^Linux ^development ^mailing ^lists.

Why do vampire's use linux?

Because they don't like windows in their house. Ba^Dum^Tss

Linux joke, Why do vampire's use linux?

Apparently red hat came out and said that there were no more Linux kernels in development, that they have gone in every direction.

Apparently there's nothing GNU under the sun.

How did the Linux admin commit assault?

He sudo bashed someone.

You go in for an interview for a Linux programming job...

...and you are asked for an example of your linux programming abilities,
so you type into the terminal "sudo apt-get JOB"

[Computers] Why do Linux admins always take Xanax?

Because they're constantly battling their daemons.

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What do Karl Marx and the founder of Linux have in common?

Both of them hate classes.

A Linux sysadmin walks into a pharmacy

A Linux sysadmin walks into a pharmacy.


"I can't serve you that"


"There you go".

So a network specialist comes up to me and says "do you wanna here a joke?"

There was a Linux error

Disappointed that there will be no Call of Cthulhu client for Linux

I wanted to go insane installing *and* playing the game.

What's a neckbeards favorite linux os?


(cricket cricket)

Linux joke, What's a neckbeards favorite linux os?

What is a Linux user's favorite game?

sudo ku

I think Debian Linux....

.... has a very `apt` package manager.

Chuck Norris once went inside /dev/null, guess what?

He never came out..

Sorry, Linux fails not.

Why do prostitutes use Linux?

It's open to the public

Daddy, what are clouds made of?

Linux servers, mostly.

How would you know if someone uses Linux-GNU?

Don't worry, they will tell you

Which Linux distribution does Fiat use?


What do you call a group of Linux users?

*Club Penguin.*

What does a dyslexic Linux SysAdmin have for breakfast?

cron flakes

I installed Linux Mint on my laptop,

So I told my sister it had Mint on it. She then started licking it.

Met a guy once who rapped about nothing but Linux systems

His name was 50CentOS

The box said 'Requires Windows 10 or better'.

So I installed LINUX

Why is Gary Johnson not able to use Linux?

He doesn't know what a repo is.

What did the Linux admin say to his racoon friend?

I am root.

What killed the Linux user?

A terminal disease.

When God closes a window,

he opens a Linux

Billy: "Help me find a version of Linux that will hasten my search for a quick snack."

Linus: "You need a bistro, not a distro."

I have a Linux joke...

But some of you would not apt-get it.

New user: "How come my new printer doesn't work in Linux?" Linus: "You need the right driver."

"My chauffeur's outside."

Who Has The Highest Rank in the Linux Military?

The kernel.

A Linux user, a vegan, and an atheist walk into a bar....

I know because they told everybody there

Why do people on the iss use linux

You can't open windows in space

Astronauts use Linux because...

They cannot open Windows in space.

Why do astronauts use Linux?

Because you can't open Windows in space.

Why is learning linux stupid?

All of the lessons are full of sudo science

Why do astronauts prefer the Linux operating system.

Because you can't open Window's in space.

Why do astronauts use Linux?

You can't open Windows in space

Why do astronauts use Linux?

Because they can't open windows

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