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Why is it so warm in Linus Torvalds' office?

Because he doesn't have Windows.

Lucy, Linus, and Charlie Brown are assigned a history project.

Each person was assigned a country to report on.
Wow! Lucy said. I got Italy!
Interesting exclaimed Linus. I got Germany.
With dismay, Charlie Brown said, I got Iraq.

Stallman, Torvalds and Knuth have a conversation.

Richard M. Stallman, Linus Torvalds, and Donald E. Knuth
engage in a discussion on whose impact
on the computerized world was the greatest.
Stallman: "God told me I have programmed the best editor in the world!"
Torvalds: "Well, God told *me* that I have programmed the best operating system in the world!"
Knuth: "Wait, wait - I never said that."

What does Linus Torvalds get when he drops his popcorn?

Kernel panic.

Psychiatrist office: My sister treats me like Lucy treats Linus.

The psychiatrist thinks for a moment and says, Sounds like you have analogy to Peanuts.

New user: "How come my new printer doesn't work in Linux?" Linus: "You need the right driver."

"My chauffeur's outside."

Learning with Linus.

Hi. My name is Linus Torvalds and today I will be teaching you how to manage threads and resolve conflicts*.
^*In ^Linux ^development ^mailing ^lists.

Billy: "Help me find a version of Linux that will hasten my search for a quick snack."

Linus: "You need a bistro, not a distro."

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