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  1. Stop calling it the zelda Franchise - It's called the Zelda Chain. Because there's so many Links
  2. Have you heard about that new Zelda game where you play as Zelda on a quest through underground caves? Search for the link below.
  3. I really wanted to share a link to Weird Al's 1984 michael jackson parody today but I realized That I can't have my Cake Day and Eat It, too.
  4. WARNING! There is a link being sent around with a message that says "Justin Bieber's Latest Album". DO NOT CLICK THAT LINK! It will take you to Justin Bieber's latest album.
  5. I found a Zelda fanfic where Ganondorf took over Hyrule, but for some reason I couldn't click on it I guess the Link was dead
  6. What is the saddest thing in you're life? That you clicked on this link only to correct my grammer....
  7. I got mugged last night! The thugs made off with my wallet, my cuff links, and even my mood ring...
    I'm not sure how I feel about that.
  8. My friend sent me a link to download the images from the James Webb Telescope. I told him I would download them, but I don't have space on my phone.
  9. What was the ancient language Link needed a book to translate in "A Link to the Past"? Hyruleglyphics.
  10. I tried searching Alzheimer's on Google… … but for some reason all the links were purple.

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  1. Click Click on this link to get free robux to your roblox accounts .
  2. What's the most-clicked link on the Alzheimer's support website? Forgot Your Password?
  3. How do dating sites in Alabama save money? They link to
  4. Why doesn't Ganondorf like going on the internet? There are too many Links.
  5. What would Rhett do if Link died? Good Mythical Mourning.
  6. I knew a website with a lot of zelda stuff But I forgot the link.
  7. Why did Reddit mods take down Darwin's theory of evolution post? The link was missing
  8. Why doen't Ganon use the Internet? Too many Links
  9. I Googled the symptoms of dementia But all the links were purple.
  10. What it Princess Zelda's favorite food? Hot Links
  11. How does Link from Legend of Zelda always die? Heart complications.
  12. What did Zelda say to Link when he couldn't open a door? Triforce.
  13. How did Link win the basketball game? With his hookshot... (Sorry)
  14. Link to the ultimate guide for sewing and hemming clothing. Sorry, wrong thread.
  15. I tried searching up "Dementia" on google but for some reason, all the links were purple.

Links joke, I tried searching up "Dementia" on google

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Two guys out playing golf. One is about to take his shot when he sees a f**... procession go by.

He stops, takes his hat off and bows his head until the procession passes. He puts his hat back on and gets ready to take his shot when his partner stops him and says, "Hang on. I just gotta say I've never seen anyone do that on the links before, that was really touching."
1st guy replies, "Well, you know. We were married for 20 years."

The Legend of Zelda Joke

Do you know why Ganon can't use the internet?
There's too many Links.

Be careful about emails from weird addresses with long links or strange files attached

They could be from your parents

Why doesn't Ganon use the Internet?

There were too many Links.

Why can't Ganondorf use the Internet?

There's too many Links.

A German butcher and a Polish butcher started a competition... see who could make the longest continuous chain of sausage links in one hour.
It was a tight competitions; both men take pride in their craft and in their sausage-slinging heritage. The two were neck-in-neck up until the 59th minute, wherein the Polish butcher had a slip of the hand and split his last sausage asunder. When the scraps finally settled, the Polish butcher had managed 120 links and the German managed 121.
Naturally, the German butcher won, because he went a frank further.

Why does Ganondorf hate surfing the web

There are too many Links

Why doesn't ganondorf go on the internet?

Because there's too many links...

I did a google search for Alzheimer's...

But for some reason all the links were already purple.

Why is Ganondorf afraid of the internet?

There are too many links

Dont call it the Zelda franchise

Call it the Zelda chain because it has so many Links

Links joke, Dont call it the Zelda franchise