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Stop calling it the Zelda Franchise - It's called the Zelda Chain.

Because there's so many Links

Two guys out playing golf. One is about to take his shot when he sees a funeral procession go by.

He stops, takes his hat off and bows his head until the procession passes. He puts his hat back on and gets ready to take his shot when his partner stops him and says, "Hang on. I just gotta say I've never seen anyone do that on the links before, that was really touching."

1st guy replies, "Well, you know. We were married for 20 years."

Why doesn't Ganondorf like going on the internet?

There are too many Links.

Links joke, Why doesn't Ganondorf like going on the internet?

I got mugged last night!

The thugs made off with my wallet, my cuff links, and even my mood ring...

I'm not sure how I feel about that.

What it Princess Zelda's favorite food?

Hot Links

The Legend of Zelda Joke

Do you know why Ganon can't use the internet?

There's too many Links.

Why doesn't Ganon use the Internet?

There were too many Links.

Links joke, Why doesn't Ganon use the Internet?

Why can't Ganondorf use the Internet?

There's too many Links.

Why does Ganondorf hate surfing the web

There are too many Links

Why doesn't ganondorf go on the internet?

Because there's too many links...

Dont call it the Zelda franchise

Call it the Zelda chain because it has so many Links

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Local sausage restaurant starts a YouTube channel...

Links in the description.

Given Isaac Newton's links to the slave trade,

perhaps we ought to abolish gravity.

It would be a weight off his shoulders.

A cowboy walks into a bar...

...dressed entirely in paper, head to toe. The works. Paper hat, crinkled paper hat-band, grocery bag shirt, newsprint vest, origami guns in cardboard holsters, belts made of those paper links on Christmas trees, butcher's paper pants and chaps, tissue-box boots, and glossy magazine spurs. He nods to the bartender and takes a seat at the poker table. He plays for about half an hour, when the sheriff bursts in and arrests him for rustling.

It was reported that listening to the band Queen links to giving you autism...

It's because of the high Mercury content.

What did Zelda have for breakfast?

Hot links

Links joke, What did Zelda have for breakfast?

Office of big staff

It would be good if people whom you already passed by became purple like clicked links as so not to remember if you greeted them or not

Big staff

It would be good if the coworkers became purple after having pressed their hand like links so as not to forget whom I already shook hands with.

WARNING: if you see links offering a free clip of the new Nickelback album DO NOT CLICK!!!!! It links to a free clip of the new Nickelback album!!!

Ad Traffic test. Testing Links.

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