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What do you call it when you linger too often at a Tibetan sandwich shop?

A daily dilli-dallie at the Dalai Deli.
I'll show myself out now.

I was at a l**... store and they were advertising an old fashioned-looking nighty with the tag line "Just like mother used to wear"...

It's called a Freudian Slip.

A good reputation should be like a good f**...

It should precede before your presence and linger after your absence.

What does a l**... store and a guitar store have in common?

They both sell G-strings

What's the paradox of l**...'?

Done right, it doesn't linger.

New l**... (sfw)

I'm going to start a new line of high end l**....
It's working title/name is Effrontery
Our naughtiest line of products of course will be called Sheer Effrontery

(A l**... joke) How does a r**... know how to put on sweatpants?

The cigarette holes go in the front.

I went to a l**... shop

I picked up some pants and asked them server if they were satin
He said "no they're new"

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