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Funny Linen Jokes and Puns

My wife complains I use too much toilet paper and I should only use three sheets.

Now she complains that the bed linen stinks.

What's the best way to search a linen store?


What is a communist's favorite fabric?


My girlfriend woke me up with coffee in bed this morning.

Now I can't see out of one eye, I have lesions on my face and neck, and we've gotta buy new bed linen.

Mum has always said the linen looks much tidier if towels are folded in half before being curled up..

..I guess that's just how she rolls.

My shirt is 40% linen...

I guess the other 60% is McCartney, Harrison and Starr.

What did the man name the underwear he made out of old bed sheets?

John Linen.

What do you call a beetle in the bed sheets?

John Linen

Why did the little boy throw the linen off the bed when he saw a ghost?

He was scared sheetless.

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