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Funny Linear Jokes and Puns

My physics teacher asked me if I understood the chapter on linear motion.

I said "yeah it's pretty straightforward"

What did the Exponential Equation say to the Linear Equation?

Real graphs have curves.

Math puns are boring

Algebra puns are too linear, arithmetic puns are too basic, trigonometry puns are too graphic, calculus puns are all derivatives. Only the statistic puns are the occasional outlier.

Linear joke, Math puns are boring

I like linear algebra

It's straight forward

Is your normal probability plot approximately linear?

Cause you can distribute your sample over me

TIL the concept of linear time can't be owned

I really thought this was going to be my year

Classifying Math problems as linear and non-linear, is like...

Classifying the Universe as bananas and non-bananas.

Linear joke, Classifying Math problems as linear and non-linear, is like...

Why are linear equations so easy to interrogate?

Because they always give you a straight answer.

Why can't American engineers design linear actuators?

Because they always try to maximize the degrees of freedom.

When making the transition from linear to quadratic equations, the difficulty increases...


What does a gay guy say to another gay guy while giving directions?

Go linear! Go linear!

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