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Funny Lindsey Jokes and Puns

Kim Kardashin flour bombing incident

Police called off the search for the person who flower bombed Kim Kardashin.

They learned it was just Lindsey Lohan sneezing

When I go to the bar I get a Lindsey Lohan.

It's a Shirley Temple with a lot of coke

Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn had a huge argument over whether to circumcise their son

Lindsey went downhill from there, but Tiger made the cut.

the teacher was telling the students how their town would get 100% eclipse coverage

when Johnnie said, ''that sucks cause we will be visiting family down in Texas, so I won't get to see the eclipse in its full glory.''

Lindsey said, '' don't worry Johnny! when your mom stands in front of the sun you'll get 100% eclipse coverage wherever you are!

Have you heard of Charlie Sheen and Lindsey Lohans new sitcom?

It's called "two and a half grams"

What happens when Lindsey Vonn crashes into the fence?

She becomes Vonn-Trapped!

(I tried)

I once saw the guy from Fleetwood Mac pre-ordering his Christmas dinner

It was Lindsey booking ham

Brett Kavanaugh's closet is so full of skeletons...

Lindsey Graham can barely breathe in there.

What did Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac call his workout supplement store?

"You can go your own whey, go your own whey"

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