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  1. Brett Kavanaugh: I HAD A BAD WEEK! Lindsay Lohan: Hold my beer.
    Brett Kavanaugh: THANK YOU I LOVE BEER
  2. What's the difference between Lindsay Lohan and the newspaper? Lindsay Lohan never reads the newspaper in jail, but the newspaper always reads "Lindsay Lohan in jail"
  3. Lindsay Lohan had a miscarriage while filming her reality TV show So, will she sue herself?
  4. We brought a Lindsay Lohan edition of p**... to the Christmas party.. It'll be a good stocking stuffer for the boys.
  5. Guy walks into a bar and asks for a "Lindsay Lohan shot"... Bartender asks "What is that?"
    He replies with "Oh you know, A redheaded-s**... with a splash of coke."

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  1. What's tasteless and usually drunk at breakfast? Lindsay Lohan.
  2. New Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan TV show. Two and a half kilos.
  3. What's America's most drunk export? Lindsay Lohan.
  4. Why was Lindsay Lohan feeling sleepy? He was buying drinks.
  5. Why did Lindsay Lohan walk into the theater? She heard there were free shots.
  6. This Lindsay Lohan can't swim a s**.... But she sure knows every dive in town.
  7. How are Lindsay Lohan and the Note 7 alike? The both leave your c**... on fire

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Lindsay Lohan got her blouse dirty...

..and had to take it to the dry cleaners. She says "I need to get this cleaned" to the man behind the counter. The man who was hard of hearing replies "come again?", Lindsay responds "No, mustard".

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