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Did you know that the 16th presidency had the best records kept?

I think they were called the Lincoln Logs.

I have a spreadsheet of all the Abe Lincoln reposts.

I call them my Lincoln logs.

I keep a spreadsheet of every time Abraham Lincoln is mentioned on Reddit.

I call it my Lincoln Logs

Apparently Abraham Lincoln kept extremely detailed records of every single tree he cut down, detailing the type of tree, dimensions, even the location where it was cut, and more.

They're called the Lincoln Logs.

What did Abraham Lincoln names his wiener?

The Lincoln Log!

Did you know the Smithsonian is trying to open a new exhibit on preserved presidential f**...?

They are still looking for the famed Lincoln log.

Who doesn't like lincoln logs

john wilkes blocks

When Chuck Norris was a kid he didn't play with Lincoln Logs, he built real houses.

When Chuck Norris was a child, he would play with real logs instead of Lincoln logs.

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