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A man tries to find success as an Anti-motivational speaker

"In today's world of toxic positivity, we need more HEALTHY NEGATIVITY! Acknowledge your limitations! Understand your lack of potential! Remember that in this world of many people, you are NOT SPECIAL and EASILY REPLACEABLE!"
An audience member suddenly stood up, tears streaming down his face.
"Is this what it's like to have a Father?"

With all the talk about and acts of tearing down statues there should be a rule where a statue of a person stands for so many years before being re-evaluated...

We can call it the Statue of Limitations.

A man was told that "a fairy would soon be coming here"

When it came, he said to it "I wish to travel the world without any limitations"
And so he climbed onto the ferry.

This just in: a cement mixer collided with a prison van on the highway.

The police had to let all the prisoners go, because they were statues of limitations.

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