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Funny Lime Jokes and Puns


There was an old man
From Peru, whose lim'ricks all
Look'd like haiku. He

Said with a laugh, "I
Cut them in half, the pay is
Much better for two."

So you like limericks, huh?

On the Breast of a woman named Gale

was tattooed the price of her tail

and on her behind

for the sake of the blind

was the same information in braile.

Limericks eh?

There once was a fellow named Blair
Who was having his girl on the stair
On the 44th stroke
The banister broke
So he finished her off in the air.

Lime joke, Limericks eh?

Limericks eh ?

There was this girl from Boston, Mass.
She wade into the sea and wet her ankles,
it doesn't rhyme now,
but just wait until the tide comes in

I see your limerick...

There once was a man from Wheeling
Who pounded his pud with great feeling
And then like a trout
He'd stick his mouth out
And wait for the drops from the ceiling

A limerick about limericks

There was a young poet from Japan

Whose limericks did not easily scan

When asked why this was,

He said, "It's because

IAlwaysTryToFitAsManySyllablesInTheLastLineAsEverIPossibly can."

A Limerick

There once was a man from Port Crown

Who went to a doctor in town.

The doc gave to he

A sup-po-si-to-ry.

"I will not take this sitting down!"

Lime joke, A Limerick

Why did the lime disapprove of his daughter?

Because she was a little tart.

People always ask me why I prefer the taste of Bud Lite Lime.

because i'm an alcoholic

Why did the internet pirate get scurvy?

He couldn't use Lime Wire anymore.

Here's a limerick I wrote:

There once was a colour named orange,


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Why did the Limestone feel unappreciated?

Because he thought people were taking him for granite.

A limerick my Dad told me as kid

In days of old

When nights were cold

And toilets weren't invented

You laid your load beside the road

And walked away contented

What did the limestone say to the geologist?

Don't take me for granite!

A limerick about a vampire named Mable. [NSFW]

There was a young vampire called mable,

whose periods were always quite stable,

at every full moon,

she took out a spoon,

and drank herself under the table.

A limerick, There once was a bishop from kings...

There once was a bishop from Kings,

Who talked about god and such things,

But his real desire,

was a boy in the choir,

with a bottom like jello on springs.

Lime joke, A limerick, There once was a bishop from kings...

A limerick for The Isle of Skye

When I was on the Isle of Skye
I overdid the old Spanish fly
I had a stiff member
From the fourth of December
Till Friday the tenth of July

What's worse than lime?


Limericks by Jenny

There was a young woman named Jenny

Whose limericks were not worth a penny.

Oh, the rhyme was all right,

And the meter was tight,

But whenever she tried to write any,

She always wrote one line too many!

Why did the lemon turn green?

Because he had lime disease

A man walks up to a woman in a bar.

He puts a lime next to her. The woman asks "what this"? The man says "its a lime". The woman says "can you move that lime somewhere else"? The man says "sure".The man tries to move the lime several times but cant seem to lift it. The woman says "is something wrong"? The man says "Sorry, I am bad at pick up limes".

What is a tick's favorite fruit?


When Forrest Gump was a bartender

Someone ordered a mojito.
There he goes, puts som mint in, lime juice and he starts pouring some vodka.
And the other bartender: RUM, FORREST, RUM!!!

What do you call the upper eighth of a lime for sale?

A top-of-the-lime model.

A lime and banana decided to become a stand-up comedy duo and called themselves ...

Key and Peele.

A Limerick

There once was a man from the Styx

Who liked to write Limericks

But he failed at the sport

Because he wrote them too short

A Limerick

There once was a barmaid in Salles,
On her chest wrote the price of ale.
And on her behind,
For the sake of the blind,
Was the same information in Braille.

Went out for drinks with my tinder date...

She ordered the angel shot with lime :(

What do you call a lime with strings attached?


Did you know that you can get a slice of lemon pie in cuba for $1.50 and in jamaica you can get key lime pie for $1.00?

Those are the pie rates of the carribean.

A limerick writ for a Twit

An executive reckless and bitter

Made a fool of himself via Twitter

*"Please stop!"* they entreated

But in answer he Tweeted

*"If I do they might call me a quitter"*

Limerick joke

There was a young man from queen's park
Whose limericks got rather dark
They started out fine
But by the last line
I will kill you in your sleep

Just invented a new drink. Vodka, cranberry juice, lime, and rohypnol.

Its called the Cosbypolitan

What does the band Toto say when it orders a gin tonic?

Hold the lime!

What do you call a lime that opens doors?

A Key Lime.


There was a young girl named Sapphire

Who succumbed to her lover's desire.

She said, "It's a sin,

But now that it's in,

Could you shove it a few inches higher?

A key lime pie costs $3.50 in Cuba, a lemon meringue pie costs $4.50 in the Dominican Republic...

These are the pie rates of the Caribbean.

What do you call the lowest fruit on a lime tree?


A citrus goes to the doctor

The citrus tells the doctor he's not feeling well.
The doctor says, of course not.
You have lime disease.

Courtesy of my 6 year old.

A limerick about my life right now

I might soon be resting in clover,

At the end of my days as a rover.

But I'm still not appeased

Whether I've got disease,

Or just that I'm really hungover.

On the first day of school, the college dean addressed the freshman class to explain some of the campus rules.

"The women's dormitory
is off-limits to male students and the men's
dormitory is off-limits to female students," he
intoned. "Am body caught breaking this rule
will be fined $20 the first time, $60 the second
lime and $180 the third time. Does anyone
have any questions?
A male student raised his hand. "How much
for a season pass?"

A man goes to church to confess his sins.

"Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned," he tells him

"What is it that you've done, my child?"

"Father, I've had premarital sex with 6 different beautiful women. One for each day since Monday."

The priest takes a good look at him before replying, "Well, son, say 10 hail Mary's and drink a pint of lime juice."

"Will that absolve my sins, Father?"

"No, but it sure as hell will wipe that stupid smirk on your face!"

A limerick that I heard years ago

Poor Johnny used to drink
But alas, he drinks no more
For what he thought was H2O
Was H2SO4.

What goes well with Coronavirus?

Lime disease

^I'll ^^see ^^^myself ^^^^out

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