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  1. What did Lil' Jon do when Home Depot employee tried to sell him a lightbulb? Turned down 4 watt
  2. What is Lil Jon's favorite flavor of BBQ? Mesquite squite squite.
    ...Forgive me I'm freshly smoked.
  3. What does Lil Jon see when he stares at the sun? Spots spots spots spots spots spots!
    Spots spots spots spots spots!
    Spots spots spots spots spots!
  4. What is Lil' Jon's favorite vegetable? Turnips

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  1. Which two musicians are famous for saying, "What?" Lil' Jon and Beethoven.
  2. What do Beethoven and the hiphop artist Lil'Jon have in common? What?!
  3. What is Lil Jon's favorite bird? the paraskeet
  4. What's Lil' Jon's favourite sport? CROQUET!
  5. What's Lil' Jon's favorite state? Oklahoma
  6. If Lil Jon went to college, where would he go? Yale
  7. Where's the most crunk spot to go to the bathroom? The Lil Jon.
  8. What university did Lil Jon go to? YAAAAAAAAALE
  9. If two rap artists adopted a child… Would it be named Lil Jon Wayne?
  10. What's Lil Jon's favorite entree? paella!
  11. Where is the most crunk place to go to the bathroom? The lil Jon
  12. What kind of pie does Lil' Jon eat? Pa-ELLA!
  13. What's Lil Jon's favorite hotel amenity? Turndown (service) for what?
  14. What does Lil Jon say when housekeeping comes by? TURNDOWN FOR WHAT?
  15. What did the farmer say to Lil Jon? Turnip for what

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