Lightweight Jokes

Are you a lightweight drinker? Well, you certainly aren't a heavyweight when it comes to humor! Enjoy a few lightweight jokes about the lighter side of wrestling, pugilists and more. Get ready to crack up and have a laugh!

Comical & Quirky Lightweight Jokes for a Roaring Good Time

Three Engineers

A mechanical engineer, an electrical engineer and a civil engineer are sitting around and talking about God.

The mechanical engineer says, "God is a mechanical engineer. Just look at the human body - a light-weight skeleton with moving parts holding up a massive frame of muscle and fat. God must be a mechanical engineer!"

The electrical engineer disagrees. "No, no. God is an electrical engineer. Just look at the human body - the nerve system routes electrical signals to the brain which is essentially a computer. God must be an electrical engineer!"

The civil engineer disagrees. "No, no. God is a civil engineer. Just look at the human body - only a civil engineer would run a toxic waste pipe through a playground."

How heavy is a photon?

I don't know, but it's probably light-weight

Did you hear about that fancy, new, lightweight mucus that scientists discovered?

It's rather phlegm-buoyant!

They're adding a new weight class to boxing.

It's to go along with "Lightweight", "Heavyweight", and the like. They're calling it "Menstruweight".

Due to being much more aggressive than the other weight classes, they're only allowed to fight for about five days out of the month.

How heavy are photons?

They're lightweight.

LBJ always called JFK a lightweight.

He was right, one shot and he was gone.

What lightweight material are hispanics made of?

c**... fibre

Why can't Floyd Mayweather Jr drink pints quickly?

Because he's only a lightweight.

I broke up with my bikini model girlfriend

She was a lightweight poseur

Whos the biggest lightweight


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