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How much does a red lightsaber cost?

An arm and a leg


Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker are having a lightsaber battle

Darth Vader says to Luke " I know what your getting for Christmas"
Luke says "eh?"
Darth Vader says again to Luke " I know what your getting for Christmas"
Luke says " how would you know that?"
Darth Vader says " I felt your presents"

Roses are red...

Yoda is green
My lightsaber needs two hands
If you know what I mean

Someone snuck aboard the Death Star and stabbed Darth Vader with a lightsaber.

It was a space in Vader.

There has been some controversy lately...

...about what would happen if you put a lightsaber in water. Would it break? Would the water heat up or cool? Recent scientists have discovered the water will heat to about the internal temperature of a tauntaun...luke warm.

I saw a Star Wars character stroking his lightsaber

Obi Wankernobi

Why doesn't Kylo Ren's lightsaber look like a normal lightsaber?

Because it's a First Order approximation.

Where did Kylo Ren get his lightsaber?

At the Darth Mall.

^I'm ^sorry.

How do Jedi reduce both lighting use and costs?


Glow in the dark condoms

Why have glow in the dark condoms been invented?

-So gay guys can reenact lightsaber duels from Star Wars.

Who do Jedi call when someone steals their lightsaber?

The Kyber Police.

What sound does a Mexican Jedi's lightsaber make?


Is a lightsaber's blade hot or cold?

Neither. Its warm.

*picks up lightsaber

*warm warm warm*

Darth Vader: What is the temperature of my son's lightsaber?


What do you call a successful green lightsaber business?


How many Jedi walked away from the lightsaber duel in the Mustafar system?

Only one: Kenobi.

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