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A lighthearted joke

A man was absolutely delighted when he came home and saw that someone had stolen every lamp in the house.


So apparently it's just a bit of lighthearted fun when people dress up to go and see Harry Potter at the cinema.........

but, when you do the same for Schindler's List, you're some kind of sick weirdo.


My parents are in a fight

My dad wanted to go see a lighthearted psychic.

My mother wanted to buy some cheerful watercolors.

I hope they find a happy medium


Jesus christ, guys! Can we stop arguing about politics for ONE second and change subject to something more lighthearted?

So what are your guys' thoughts on abortion?


Why aren't Tyler Perry movies for the light-hearted?

They're dark comedies.


I'm gonna start a taxi company and employ only lovable, silly, lighthearted drivers.

I'll call it Goober


Lighthearted talk about patriotism...

is Star Spangled Banter


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