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If you could choose between having a light saber or saving a child.....

Which color light saber would you choose?

My toddler was watching The Empire Strikes Back today…

My wife sent a picture to the family WhatsApp of him watching Luke duel Vader captioned 'Learning the art of the light saber!' to which I responded:
'By the end of that fight he will probably be twice as handy as Luke…'

If you could save a child from a horrible disease and a lifetime of misery, or have a light saber...

what color would you pick?

What's the temperature of a light saber?

Warm Warm

Why were the smaller sabre-tooth cats better hunters than the bigger sabre-tooth cats ?

Because they were light sabers
May the 4th be with you !

No matter how old you are... empty wrapping paper tube is still a light saber.

How heavy is a jedi saber?

I'm not sure, but I reckon that it's pretty light.

Chuck Norris tried to shave with Darth Vaders's light saber, but the light went out as soon as it realized Chuck Norris was there.

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