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A mailman walks up to a house...

He sees a pig with a wooden leg. When the owner answers the door, the mailman asks why the pig has a wooden leg.
"Well, you see, that pig is a life-saver."
"That doesn't explain why he has a wooden leg."
"A couple nights ago, our house caught on fire. That pig dragged every one out of the house- even the dog."
"Okay, but that still doesn't explain the leg."
"Well, with a pig that great, you can't eat him all at once!"

Did you hear about the guy who invented Life Savers Candy?

They say he made a mint.

What can a roll of Life-Savers do that a man can't?

Come in five different colors and flavors.

When I tell my friends my car is push start they always want to try it.

It's really a life saver! As long as I keep telling people it's push start, I'll never have to replace my starter!

Yo mama so s**... that when I was drowning I yelled out to her that I needed a life saver and she said "Cherry or grape?"

I used to have a problem choking on my food all the time

Now I only eat cheerios and life savers

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