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Emily died last week after she fell in the lake.
It's a shame she never learned how to swim.
We brought a life preserver to her f**....
It's what she would have wanted.

Two Jewish banker escaped from that sinking Italian cruise ship

They were both clinging to a life preserver. o**..., knowing the other can't swim, says, " I'm going to try to swim to shore to get some help. Can you float alone?"
The second Jewish banker says, "how could you talk business at a time like this?"

PETA has done an incredible job in preserving marine life

They saved millions of fish from drowning

Which bathroom appliance would be the worst life preserver?

The sink.

Throwing a life preserver to someone drowning in boiling oil is a futile act...

Unless of course that life preserver is made of dough.

Did you hear about Steve he drowned in a river

We buried him with a life preserver it's what he would have wanted.
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If I eat lots of preservatives, won't I live longer?

No, but you will have a longer shelf life.

We'll want to preserve Chuck Norris for future generations, when he dies.

We won't be needing cryogenics cos Chuck's already frozen.

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