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  1. I got my student loans down from 100k to 50k overnight with this super easy life hack. Divorce
  2. Life hack: If you never want to work 8 hours straight... ...just be homosexual, so you can work 8 hours gay instead
  3. Life Hack: give your next kid a normal name Me: are you still mad your mom and I named you Life Hack?
  4. Life hack: Give your next child a normal name Me: Are you still upset because your mother and I named you life hack?
  5. Life Hack | words coming from experience Never fight with a white guy who has a black guy's nickname.
  6. So you guys know that one part in Matrix Reloaded when Neo revives Trinity? That was a pretty handy life hack
  7. Life Hack If you're ever hungry in trig class, chew on the corner of your paper. It's equivelant to half a pi.
  8. Life Hack: If online dating isn't working out, try visiting a necrophiliacs anonymous meeting. Just pretend to be suicidal and they will trip over themselves to give you attention.
  9. Amazing life hack "How would you describe the woman who attacked you?"
    \*Describes mother\*
    \*Gets a copy of picture\*
    \*Gives it to mum as late birthday present\*
  10. Can I major in Life Hacks? Why not, I've already got two degrees that could be less useful.

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  1. Here's a great life hack! When you're cold stand in a corner. It's 90 degrees!
  2. Life hack If you sleep till noon you only have to pay for two meals instead of three.
  3. What's the best life hack? An axe
  4. Top 5 life hacks to win a fist fight every time. 1.
    5. Bring a gun
  5. when life hacks dont work then they are patched
  6. life hack: if u kill urself the 13th you're most definitely gonna get flowers the 14th
  7. What's the best life-hack for weight loss? Cancer.
  8. Life hack Use your seat belt buckle to open your beer while driving

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Life hack for driving

Always get your driver's license picture taken when your s**.... That way, the police will think you always look that way.

Life hacks from Secretary Stalin, don't dress for the job you want. Use the job you have to create a totalitarian dictatorship to crush your enemies.

*this joke exists because I found out Stalin's title during his reign was Secretary. During the power struggles his opponents wanted to give him a menial job to side line him. But he realized he controlled who got invitations to meeting, what was on the agenda, and when they should happen. Leading to his total d**... of the communist party as a dictator.

Life hack

If you beat your kids at a burger king it legally changes from child a**... to a whopper jr.