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  1. In lieu of the recent manhunt... The LAPD's motto is "to protect and serve." I think they ought to change it to "We'll treat you like a King."
  2. A man goes to see a psychiatrist. He is wearing nothing but clear saran wrap on his body in lieu of clothes. One look at him and the shrink says, Well, I can clearly see you're nuts.
  3. My boss keeps putting me on toilet cleaning duty... I'm checking the company policy on Time in Lieu.
  4. In lieu of recent event, J.K. Rowling must have left the last chapter of Harry Potter on top of her fridge. She is jumping to conclusions.
  5. The results of a recent Harris Poll on "what's scarier" forced the Discovery channel to cancel Shark week in lieu of Chuck Norris week.

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  1. Why did Jamie Redknapp work so much overtime? So he could get more time in lieu

Lieu joke, Why did Jamie Redknapp work so much overtime?

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What did Lieutenant Worf say when he made rainbow T-shirts with his son?

Today *is* a good day to dye!

Why did Lieutenant Uhura tone down on the use of extreme fetishes in the bedroom?

Because William Shatner.

What did Lieutenant Dan say after getting his new legs blown off?

"Oh, the iron knee!"
Note: Old joke I made up and told friends in high school, before realizing his new legs are not actually made of iron. Hope the joke is still amusing though

What did Lieutenant Worf find in Captain Pickard's private bathroom?

The captain's log.

Why did lieutenant Uhura smell bad?

...because William Shatner

What did the lieutenant vulture say to the enlisted vultures who stopped eating a dead cow to salute?


Where Did Lieutenant Paul Armstrong Go During The Bomb Strikes In WW2


Why was a Lieutenant Colonel of the US army music program fired, along with one of his direct subordinates?

He was caught f**... A Major.