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Doctor: So your child was born without eyelids.

Mother: Well isn't there anything you can do?

Doctor: Yes, when we circumcise him we can take that excess skin and make him eye lids.

Mother: Will he be okay?

Doctor: Yeah, he will be fine, just be a little cock-eyed.

My girlfriend told me to move out as i am no help around the house.

So as i walked out i tightened the lids on all the jars in the kitchen.

A baby was born with no eyes lids...

So the doctors decided to circumcise him and use the skin to craft new eyes lids.

They botched it though and he came out looking a bit cock-eyed.

Lids joke, A baby was born with no eyes lids...

I recently attended a funeral

And the procession was going up a steep hill on Main Street. Well all of a sudden the door of the hearst flew open and the coffin fell out. Since the road was so steep it flew back down Main street and into a pharmacy where it crashed into the counter. The lids popped open and the deceased says to the astonished pharmacist, "You got anything to stop this coffin?"

A kid was born without eye lids, so they used the spare skin from his circumcision to form some. Everything turned out fine, except...

the doctor said he was a little cockeyed.

Poor kid

Was reading the news this morning and saw an article about a kid in Denver born without any eye lids.

The doctor decided that since the parents were having him circumcised, the foreskin could be made into eye lids for the kid.

The surgery actually turned out really well, kids just a little cockeyed.

So a man had his eye lids burned off in a fire and the doctors used a new procedure to replace them with his foreskin

He came out just fine besides being a little cockeyed.

Lids joke, So a man had his eye lids burned off in a fire and the doctors used a new procedure to replace them

There was a boy born without eye lids last week!

Doctors were able to make him eye lids out of the foreskin from his circumcision.

They think he will be alright, but he is going to be a little cock-eyed.

Did anyone else hear about the baby who was born recently, without eyelids? The doctors actually used his foreskin to make a pair of lids for him.

It was an experimental procedure, and it worked great!.... except now he's all cock-eyed.

Take everyone's eye lids and noone bats an eye.

Take everyone's brains and everybody loses their minds.

My son was born without eye lids

My son was born with out eye lids, so when they circumcised him they used his foreskin as new eye lids.
He's alright now, just a little cock-eyed

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My SO is giving me the silent treatment, so I tightened all the lids of our jars.

Now she'll have to talk to me.

Who opens stuck jar lids in a lesbian relationship?

Usually, it's the male side who deals with stubborn jars in a straight relationship. But who to be charged with this sacred duty in a lesbian relationship?

The answer is no one, they eat out all the time.

My son was born without eyelids...

The Dr suggested a new procedure using his foreskin after circumcision to replace his missing lids. The only possible complication was that he would be a little cock-eyed.

[NSFW] A baby was born with no eye lids. .

So they used the skin from his circumcision to make them.

They said he'll be alright, just a little cockeyed.

Did you hear about the kid born without eye lids?

They sewed his forskin on there. The surgery went fine but he's been cockeyed ever since

Lids joke, Did you hear about the kid born without eye lids?

Did u hear about the baby boy born with no eye lids?

Did you hear about the baby boy born with no eye lids?
When they circumcised him they were successfully able to attach his foreskin as eyelids.

He is just a little cockeyed now.

My cousin was born without eye lids

My cousin was born without eye lids so when they circimsised him they used his foreskin to graft eyelids for him. The surgery went fine but he's a little cockeyed now.

Did you know they sell lids for frisbees?

I just disc covered them.

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