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Three women decide to compare their husbands to soft drinks.

Three women are out to brunch, and they're talking about who has the best husband. One of them decides they should compare their respective husbands to soft drinks (sodas).

First woman: "My husband is like 7UP, because he's 7 inches and he's always up."

Second woman: "Well my husband is like Mountain Dew, because when he's mountin' me, he knows what to do."

Third woman: "Well my husband is like Jack Daniels."

First woman: "That's not a soft drink!"

Third woman: "I know, but he's a hard licker."

I'm afraid my dog is an alcoholic.

She just can't seem to hold her licker.

What do you call two lesbians in a closet?

A licker cabinet

Licker joke, What do you call two lesbians in a closet?

I think my dog has a drinking problem

He can't control his licker

Where do you keep lollipops?

The licker cabinet

[shitpost]Where do you store an old lesbian?

In the licker cabinet.

My girlfriend gave me the nickname Jack Daniels

Because she says I'm a hard licker!

Licker joke, My girlfriend gave me the nickname Jack Daniels

I think my dog is an alcoholic.

He can't hold his licker.

My dog is an alcoholic

You could say he has a licker problem

Three Southern ladies were sitting around talking about their husbands....

First one says, "You know why I call my husband Big Pete?"
The others reply, "Mmmm Hmmmm."
Second one says, "Well, you know why I call my husband Long John?"
The others reply, "Mmmm Hmmmm"
Third one says, "You know why they call my husband Drambuie?"
The others look confused. "No, why?" One of them asks.
She says, "Because he's a fancy licker!"

Better Boyfriend (18+Dirty jokesοΌ‰

Two girls were comparing boyfriends.
"Mine's the best," said the first. "I call him Seven-Up because he's 7 inches long and he's always up!"
"Oh yeah," exclaimed the other, "I call my boyfriend Jack Daniel's because he's the best hard licker there is!"

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My friend's grandpa had a stroke recently...

Now he can't hold his licker.

How does a woman hold her licker??

By the ears...

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