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I have a driver's license but it's at home, I accidentally left it with my license plate and proof of insurance.

....I don't get it either but when I told it to the cop he laughed and said that's funny.

A guy gets pulled over on the highway going 90mph in a 55mph zone...

Deputy walks up to the window and says to the guy "I clocked you at 90mph in a 55mph zone, can I see your drivers license"? "Don't got it" says the guy. Deputy then asks for his insurance card to which the guy replies "I think I saw one next to the gun in the glove box". Deputy says "Why do you have a gun in the glove box"? "How else was I supposed tie up a woman, throw her in the trunk, and steal her car?" says the guy.
Just then the Sheriff arrives and the Deputy tells him the situation. Sheriff walks up to the guy and says "My Deputy tells me that you have a gun which you used to steal this car from the owner who is t**... in the trunk, and you don't have a license. Is this correct"? Guy says "That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard! He probably told you I was speeding too".

Andrew went to Medical Insurance to apply for his pension.

The woman behind the bench asked for his driving license to verify his age, but he had left his wallet home.
He said to her that he had to go home and return later.
The woman said: "Unbuckle your shirt."
And so he did, revealing his curly, gray hair of his chest.
"These gray hair is quite a nice proof for me," she said and continued with his application form.
When Andrew went home, he said to his wife what had happened.
"You should have taken your pants off," she said, "Maybe you would have taken disability pension too!"

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